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Soul Ties Meaning – What Are The Signs And How To Break A Soul Tie?

The closer you are with someone, the more entangled your souls become. Whether your relationship is good or bad, a soul tie is formed. Here are the signs, and how to break one. Read more ⇣
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soul ties meaning

It’s believed that the closer you are with someone, the more entangled your souls become. Whether your relationship is good or bad, the ties formed between you can affect you in the future. 

In the following, I talk about the meanings behind soul times. This should give you insight into its definition, types, signs, and ways you can break a soul tie. 

What is a Soul Tie?

Soul ties form through any type of close encounter. This could be anything from physical intimacy, getting drunk together, and spending a lot of time with someone. 

When two people have a physical connection, they can form soul ties. 

What is a soul tie? [definition]

A soul tie, also referred to as spiritual or emotional cording, is a strong, inexplicable bond between two people

Soul ties don’t necessarily have to be sexual, though; they can also form just by spending time with someone and allowing them into your inner world (like friends or family). 

Even though you may not know it, you form soul ties every day with the people around you. Forming these connections is part of what makes life enjoyable and special. 

However, when we allow bad influences into our lives in the form of soul ties, this can lead us down a path that the Universe will never intend for us to follow. 

As extraordinary as having a soul tie feels, it can also be toxic, draining, and harmful.

Types of Soul Ties

Soul ties are often described as an emotional bond between two people. They are thought to be created through spiritual, physical, or mental connections.

Soul ties can be healthy or unhealthy and can happen with family members, spouses, friends, coworkers, and even strangers.

The following are all the types of soul ties described in depth.

1. Physical soul ties

Physical soul ties are created by two people who share a deep physical connection. Most notably, sharing this type of connection with someone means that you share intimacy and touch. 

When talking about touch in the context of creating physical soul ties, this refers to hugs, cuddling, or hand-holding—but it can also include other forms of affection like kissing or a deeper sense of intimacy. 

This is also why close proximity can be another way to develop a physical soul tie with someone. 

For example, suppose you live with your boyfriend or girlfriend for several years.

In that case, there’s a good chance you will develop a strong physical and emotional connection with them due to the amount of time you spend around each other and sharing your space together.

2. Emotional soul ties

An emotional soul tie is a connection between your soul and the soul of another person, often through an intimate relationship

Emotional ties are created when two people develop strong feelings for each other. This type of tie can be either positive or negative, depending on whether or not the relationship is in line with God’s will.

If a relationship is in line with God’s or the Universe’s will, this kind of bond strengthens your soul and helps you grow in your faith. 

However, if it’s not in line with the divine will, this type of bond connects you to negative influences.

Emotional bonds can be difficult to break because they connect your heart with someone else’s heart and you might have already invested time into that relationship. 

Luckily, there are ways to end these unhealthy relationships through prayer and by seeking outside help from friends and family members who share similar values as you do.

3. Spiritual soul ties

Spiritual soul ties are the result of relationships formed for the purpose of spiritual growth with people who can help us grow spiritually. 

They include our relationships with parents, spiritual mentors and pastors, friends (both in church and otherwise), spouses, children, and others. 

These relationships should encourage us to know God better or build our spirituality. A soul tie also refers to a connection with someone who shares your values, beliefs, and morals. 

You will have a similar mindset and energy to this person and everything just seems natural; like your soulmate recognizes theirs from the beginning. 

4. Social soul ties

A social soul tie is a relationship with someone you hang out with regularly. You have friends and maybe a few people you consider closer than others; those would be social soul ties.

Your relationships with family members are also considered social soul ties. They are often healthy ones but can be unhealthy when there is negative energy involved. 

You may have a toxic parent or sibling that leaves you feeling drained after spending time together, so your goal would be to set boundaries so that you aren’t affected by their behavior as much.

Some of your coworkers could also be in the category of social soul ties. 

If they are a part of your inner circle at work—meaning they are friends who support you and help make work more enjoyable—they might fit in this category. 

However, some workplaces discourage coworker friendships, while other environments practically require them because it makes working together easier. 

This type of relationship is best when it isn’t forced; if it happens naturally and truly helps you both do better at work, then keep it up!

Signs You Have a Soul Tie With Someone

How to know if you have a soul tie with someone? Here are the most common signs:

1. You feel deeply connected

There are many signs of a soul tie, and the most common is a deep connection with your heart, body, and soul. You may feel that you have known them for a long time. 

You’re on the same wavelength. You can be yourself. They make you feel understood. They make you feel safe; like you belong, not just in the relationship but in life itself. 

This feeling is so incredible that it is often mistaken for love and to be fair, it could be love. 

2. Your souls recognize one another

If someone is your soul tie, your souls recognize one another. You have the same values, but you may not realize it until you sit down and talk about your core values. 

You feel at peace with this person, and so do they with you. When you are around each other, you feel like yourselves—you don’t have to put on facades or by someone else.

You can talk about anything with this person, and they can tell you anything too. You trust each other implicitly because your soul knows that this is the right person for you.

You are committed to each other and understand what it means to be together as a soul-group thing because of that commitment. 

Even if things get tough during your relationship, that commitment will stick through thick or thin like glue.

3. The relationship feels unique

The relationship feels unique. You will feel like this connection is different than other relationships you have experienced. 

The person seems to be just what you needed in your life, even if they don’t seem like the one you want at first. You feel like you have known them for a long time – even if it has only been a few weeks or months. 

You feel comfortable with them – like you can be yourself around them and tell them anything. 

They may be able to relate to your past better than anyone else, and they may have the same feelings of abandonment that you do. If it feels special, pay attention – this is your soul tie.

4. You constantly think of them

If you always think about this person, whether it be when you first wake up or right before bed, even if you have tried to stop thinking of them, they may be your soul tie.

You might also notice that it is not just a passing thought. It’s more like an all-day affair. You think about this person throughout the day, and you lovingly think about them. 

You feel like there is some sort of connection between the two of you and because this person is always on your mind, they are probably your soul tie.

5. They bring out your best

Soul ties are most easily recognized in their effects. When you’re around them, you’re able to reach your full potential. They bring out your best, and you bring out theirs. 

In the presence of a soul tie, you feel energized and renewed; on a bad day, they can even lift your spirits. They help build up your character with encouragement and positive reinforcement. 

A soul tie gives back to us what we give to them; with our support and guidance, they grow spiritually and mentally as well. 

The end result is that both parties become better people than they were before they met their partner—and that’s what makes a soul tie such an amazing experience.

6. They help you grow spiritually

You can tell if you have a soul tie by looking at your relationship with the person in question. 

If you feel like the other person has changed your life for the better and made you more aware of the world around you, then it is likely that you have a soul tie. 

If this is true for both parties involved, then your relationship has been strengthened by spiritual growth and will continue to grow as time goes on. 

Additionally, if you have a shared purpose with this person, and have a similar sense of beliefs, values, and morals, they could be your soul tie.

Can Soul Ties Be One-Sided?

In most cases, soul ties are mutual between two people who have shared intimate experiences and feelings. 

However, it’s possible for one person to form a stronger bond with another while that person feels less of a connection. 

This can happen in abusive relationships when one person is so affected by the other that they don’t think about life outside of them. 

Even if the abusive relationship ends, it can be difficult for the victim to move on due to the strength of their soul tie.

If you feel like you can’t get over someone even though your relationship has ended, or if you wonder why this person’s emotions seem more powerful than your own in a relationship, then there may be an unbalanced soul tie at play.

How to Break a Soul Tie

1. Acknowledge it

We often don’t want to acknowledge the existence of a soul tie because we think it will make us weak. We try to keep our thoughts from even mentioning this person, so we can live in denial. 

But no matter how much we think about it and deny that it exists, it doesn’t change the fact that you have built a soul tie with this person.

Acknowledge that the soul tie is there and break through the denial. Once you are able to acknowledge its existence, you can then begin to take steps to break the bond between you and this person. 

You effectively enable your mind to focus on other things besides breaking free from this soul tie by denying or avoiding it.

2. Stop feeding it

Breaking a soul tie can be done in many different ways. The most important thing is to stop feeding it. The more you feed energy into the soul tie, the stronger it will grow. 

So if you want to break it, stop feeding it. Stop talking to the person, going to the place, or doing the activity that makes you think about that person, place, or activity. 

By sending thoughts and feelings into a situation, you feed that situation with power and make it stronger. 

If your soul tie is around something like gambling or drinking too much alcohol, stop engaging in those activities. It may be hard at first, but you will soon feel better not having them around anymore.

3. Forgive the person

You should forgive your soul tie, no matter how impossible it is to do so. This can be difficult, but it’s necessary if you’re serious about moving on. 

Forgiveness is an important part of starting over and healing. 

It’s also very important for your own personal growth— forgiving the other person allows you to detach yourself from the resentment and anger you may feel toward them, freeing up your energy to focus on yourself instead of wasting it dwelling on what happened.

It’s important to know that forgiveness doesn’t mean letting someone off the hook or reconciling with them. 

It simply means that you’ve acknowledged what happened and are choosing to let go of any negative feelings stemming from it so that you can move forward in your life.

4. Go easy on yourself

Breaking a soul tie is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it’s entirely normal not to succeed at first.

You may find it challenging to do certain things like seeing pictures of your soul tie or even hearing their name. It may be painful for you, but the good news is, that difficulty is a sign that you’re making progress. 

As you continue breaking off those connections, your feelings toward your soul tie will soften until they’re no longer as intense and consuming as they were at the beginning of this process. 

This is a journey and you’re going to make mistakes along the way—just don’t let them stop you from continuing down this path.

Summary – Soul Ties Meaning

To summarize, a soul tie is a connection between two people that transcends the physical. It’s a connection that unites them deeper than just the surface. 

Soul ties can affect anyone, both women and men. Not all good ties are healthy and mutual, as they can sometimes be one-sided, draining, and toxic.

This is why some choose to decide to break the soul tie, for their sanity and wellbeing. 



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