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Unique and Creative ‘Will You Be My Valentine’ Ideas

Here are some of the most unique and creative ‘will you be my valentine’ ideas you could use on your crush or lover. Read more ⇣
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will you be my valentine ideas

Whether it’s your crush, a new partner, or someone you’ve been with for years now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make Valentine’s Day exceptional. 

After all, we all want to feel loved and appreciated by others in this world.

Here are some of the most unique and creative ‘will you be my Valentine’ ideas you could use on your crush or lover!

By the end of this article, you should have decided on an idea bound to land a date with that special someone. 

Why Should You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is associated with love and romance

As the name suggests, it’s a day to celebrate love. It’s also traditionally a holiday for couples – most people either spend this day with their significant other or don’t do anything at all.

However, you can use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to express gratitude for someone close to you in your life who doesn’t necessarily have romantic feelings for you. 

For instance, if somebody has been there for you during tough times or helped you feel better when you were feeling down, Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to share your appreciation for them and make sure they know how much they mean to you.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to only be about romantic love

If you’re feeling pressure to celebrate Valentine’s Day the traditional way this year, it’s time to think again about what Valentine’s Day is really about. 

The day aims to celebrate love, which can mean love in many forms. You don’t have to be in a relationship for this love celebration. 

Many times, people are closer with their family or friends than they are with any romantic partner. It’s important not to forget them on days like these. 

If you’re happily single, don’t forget that you can always change the focus of the holiday and use it as a chance to show your appreciation for those who already matter most in your life.

You have probably heard someone say that they don’t appreciate Valentine’s Day because they are not in a relationship. 

While it’s nice to spend time with your significant other, there is so much more to this holiday than that. 

Valentine’s Day can be a great time to celebrate the love you have for your family and friends, the love you have for your favorite pet, or even the love you have for cooking or playing an instrument. 

It’s all about finding ways to bring joy into your life and sharing it with those around you.

You get to express your hopeless romantic side

Asking someone to be your Valentine is a chance to do something special for the person you love. 

It can be a way of telling that person that they are special and important, as well as an opportunity to let them know exactly how much they mean to you.

Instead of getting flowers or chocolates this year, why not make your own gift? You could write a poem, draw pictures, or make a handmade card. The possibilities are endless! 

You might even find it fun to come up with something original that’s never been done before. 

In addition to these benefits, asking someone to be your valentine allows you some time alone together without any distractions from everyday life. 

If you can set aside some time just for the two of you, it can really help strengthen your bond and deepen your connection. 

Unique and Creative ‘Will You Be My Valentine’ Ideas

1. Create an adorable video

Creating an adorable video to ask them to be your Valentine sounds intimidating (and let’s face it, a little bit extra), but it’s actually effortless, and it’s a really cute ‘be my Valentine’ idea.

You don’t even have to include yourself in the video. You could make a simple collage of photos and videos that you’ve taken together so far. 

If you were on vacation together, you might use the footage from that trip, or some pictures from around town if it was a local date.

Set the video to music that has special meaning for the two of you – maybe it’s a song playing when you first met or something from your partner’s favorite band. 

You could also create a fun music video for a favorite silly song that makes you both laugh out loud!

2. Pull a prank

The best idea is to ask your Valentine if they’ll be your Valentine with a prank. This could be something like dressing up as a giant teddy bear and handing them an oversized Valentine’s Day card. 

Or, you can make it more elaborate by having some friends dress up as angels and sing “Will You Be My Valentine?” to them.

It’s essential not to take the prank too far, though. You don’t want to make your love feel attacked or uncomfortable. 

Pranks are best when they’re fun for both parties, so pick something that wouldn’t offend the person you love. 

While you’re playing your prank, be sure to hand over a real gift or card afterward so they know this was just for fun!

3. Dedicate a song

You can dedicate a song to your crush and use it to ask them if they will be your Valentine. The artist of the song should be their favorite artist, and you can choose any song from that artist that you want. 

You can select a new or old song, but both have their own pros and cons. 

If you decide to dedicate an old song by the artist, you can include some nostalgia in your message, saying that it reminds you of one of the times when you first met or something like that, which is always lovely.

If you decide on a newer song, then this is also a great option because of the fact that it’s new and they might not have discovered it yet. 

When dedicating this type of song, I suggest telling them why you picked it out and what they like about it so much. 

This will make your dedication more personal rather than just plain “I dedicate this to…” because everyone does that nowadays.

4. Meme your love

Perhaps you want to ask your lover on a date, or maybe you want to make plans for Valentine’s Day. 

You can customize any existing meme to express how you feel, and then share it with that special someone on social media, through text message, or in person. 

Memes are expressive pieces of culture that capture the spirit of the moment and are genuinely unforgettable when used in this manner. 

You’ll get a laugh out of them (and hopefully they will too), but also leave them feeling loved!

5. Bring them to their favorite place

If you’re trying to find a unique way to ask someone out, consider bringing them to their favorite restaurant and asking them while they’re there. 

It’s likely that they go there often, so this will be a pleasant surprise for them and make the place even more special than it is already.

If you want to do something slightly different, bring your significant other to a place with sentimental value for both of you – like the restaurant where you first met or the coffee shop where he or she finally asked you out. 

This can be a great way of reminding both of you how far your relationship has come and making sure it continues going strong!

Also, consider taking your significant other somewhere they have always wanted to go but never had – an interesting store they just saw online recently, maybe? 

Going along with this idea could also give them some insight into what kind of person you are and how thoughtful your intentions might actually be!

6. Bake something

Bake them a cake, cookies, or cupcakes! Baking them a romantic dessert can be a great way to show your affection. 

You can bake the baked good of your choice and add a sweet message to it asking them to be your Valentine! 

Try heart-shaped cupcakes or cookies with the words “Will you be my Valentine?” written on them in icing. 

Or you can make a two-layer cake with pink icing and write “Will you be my Valentine?” on the top layer.

Don’t forget that this idea will make quite a mess, so make sure to clean up after yourself when you’re done!

7. Create your own gift

If you want to create a personalized gift, research online for ideas that fit your significant other.

A card may be the easiest thing to make, but don’t feel limited by what’s available in stores. 

Try writing out a list of all the things you love about them on a piece of paper and turning it into a creative Valentine’s Day card.

You can also get more complicated and create more elaborate gifts, like T-shirts or quilts with pictures of you both together, or write down inside jokes between the two of you on post-it notes and build a tower out of them (because who doesn’t love tiny notes?). 

You can also make cookies or candies with something personal written on them. These are just some examples –  you could look around Pinterest for more ideas!

Remember to ask yourself if your significant other will actually like this gift before making it – and ask yourself if you have the time to make it! 

It’s best to start early so that your gift is complete in time for Valentine’s Day. Also, remember to include a card asking “Will You Be My Valentine?” along with the personalized present!

8. Make origami flowers

Want to make a unique Valentine’s Day proposal? The ancient art of origami can be a great way to achieve that goal.

With paper flowers, you can either present one to your loved one or make a bouquet of them. Either way, it will be an unusual and beautiful way to ask “Will you be my valentine?”

This way, you can bring out your hopeless romantic side. Pair this with a handwritten note, and they can’t help but say yes! 

9. Scavenger hunt

Asking someone to be your Valentine is a nerve-wracking moment. You want everything to be perfect, from the setting to the message you put on the card. 

But you can take all the pressure off by making it a fun game with this creative idea for how to ask someone to be your Valentine – a scavenger hunt!

You’ll want to start by making a list of clues and rewards that fit your love’s interests, personality, or even inside jokes (like their favorite movie or song). 

Be sure to get creative with how you word each clue and make sure it’s something only they would know where to find or what it means (this will make it more fun for them).

Next, hide all of the different clues in separate places. Then give them the first clue and watch as they have fun finding all of their rewards. 

It’s easy, takes little preparation time, and is tons of fun for everyone!

Is a Grand Gesture Needed for Asking Someone to Be Your Valentine?

A grand gesture isn’t needed for asking someone to be your valentine, but it doesn’t hurt. 

The whole point of a gesture is to convey how much you care about someone, and the more creative it is, the more memorable it’ll be. 

At the same time, though, it’s always important to remember that they’re not necessary in order to express your love. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is – a present, an outing with friends, or a spontaneous kiss in front of everyone are all great ways to tell them how you feel. 

You don’t have to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to, but if you do decide to celebrate, there’s no reason not to get into the spirit of things and go all out.

Summary – Best ‘Will You Be My Valentine’ Ideas

Whether it’s a handwritten note, scavenger hunt, or adorable video, what matters is the gesture comes straight from the heart. 

Your “will you be my Valentine idea” won’t matter much if you don’t pour your heart and soul into it. Even if it’s just a simple letter, your Valentine will definitely appreciate this coming from you!



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