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Twin Flame Separation – Why It Happens And How To Recover From It?

Here I discuss everything you should know about twin flame separation. You'll gain better insight into what it is, what causes it, and how to cope with it.. Read more ⇣
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twin flame separation

One of the most difficult things that a twin flame can experience is separation. This can be physical, emotional, or mental, but is always a painful experience for both. 

It comes with many challenges, and often requires one or both twins to do some soul searching in order to get back together

Here I discuss everything you should know about twin flame separation. You’ll gain better insight into what it is, what causes it, and how to cope with it.

What is a Twin Flame?

Before I get into the topic of twin flame separation, let’s learn a bit about twin flames.

You’re probably wondering what is a twin flame? The simplest and most concise definition of a twin flame is that they are the other half of your soul. 

What is a twin flame? [definition]

A twin flame is an intense and powerful soul connection between two people who share the same soul energy. A more accurate way to describe it is a mirror soul or someone’s other half of your soul.

You both originated from one soul source, and you are meant to be together as a whole. 

You have such an intense connection with your partner because you share a history before this life, and you have a shared purpose in this life, meaning that you’re here together to accomplish something meaningful.

A twin flame is someone who mirrors you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. You are mirror images of one another.

They have the same soul frequency as you do; they just happen to be in a different body. You will meet them at the right time and place; there’s no need to rush into anything or look for them.

When twin flames first meet, it can be challenging to stay apart even though they know it’s for the best. 

It feels like an eternity until you can see each other again but finally when you do, things don’t go as planned. 

One or both of you end up going your separate ways again due to a major misunderstanding that separates the two of you from each other. Hence the term “twin flame separation.”

This usually happens for several reasons such as distance, timing, baggage, and the like. 

This means that life has other plans in mind for both of you that involve certain experiences that help each of you grow stronger. 

So when the time comes when everything works out perfectly between the two of you, nothing will ever stand in your way again. 

What is Twin Flame Separation?

Twin flame separation is a period of physical, mental, or emotional disconnection between twin flames. It is also known as the runner and chaser stage.

Twin flame separation can happen for many reasons. Twin flames have difficult journeys because they challenge each other to grow and heal. 

This can trigger issues for them which could lead to a temporary separation, in order to work on themselves individually so that they are able to meet each other halfway when they reunite. 

This is not permanent and will eventually bring the twin flames back together when the time is right.

During this time, both parties are growing mentally, spiritually, and emotionally at a very rapid rate, as it helps them understand their own self better as well as their partner’s needs and desires.

What Causes Twin Flame Separation?

1. There are psychological and spiritual weaknesses

You won’t even be able to pinpoint what’s holding you back from having a romantic relationship with this person. It would just feel impossible or far away. 

Understanding the barriers that stand between you and your twin flame will help you overcome these obstacles. A common cause of temporary separation between twin flames is psychological weakness. 

This can manifest as self-doubt, creating feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy that prevent you from feeling comfortable around your twin flame. 

If you’re suffering from feelings of loneliness, shame, guilt, or other emotional troubles, it’ll be harder for you to connect intimately with someone else—even if that someone is destined to be with you forever

2. Both twin flames need to heal first

Being ready is a prerequisite to the twin flame journey beginning. One or both of you will be emotionally and spiritually ready to embark on your union, but unless both twins are capable of handling things, the separation is inevitable.

The path of spiritual awakening is not always smooth sailing. Often, one will be ready while the other has yet to reach that point in their lives. 

This can cause a rift between the two souls, which results in separation until they are both able and willing to face themselves at a similar level. 

This relationship isn’t about meeting each other halfway; it’s about growing together with your twin so you can further develop as individuals and come together as one whole unit.

3. You mirror negative traits

Your twin flame is your mirror, and as a result, they will often reflect back to the negative traits that you yourself exhibit. 

This can be pretty painful to see if you haven’t taken the time to get to know your own shadow side—that is, those aspects of your personality that are less than ideal. 

While it’s easy to look at our partners and blame them for exhibiting negative traits such as judgmentalism or dishonesty, more often than not this is only a reflection of something we also possess within ourselves.

If you notice that your twin is displaying a particular trait that affects the relationship negatively—such as jealousy or resentment—try taking an honest look inside yourself for these same qualities. 

If nothing in particular stands out at first glance, try asking the universe for help through meditation; since we all have shadow sides, there’s no reason why yours should be exempt from scrutiny.

4. Because of timing and distance

You have an idea of when you’re ready for a twin flame, but timing is always in the control of the Universe. This means that sometimes twin flames get separated due to timing issues. 

It’s possible that it’s not yet the right time for you or your twin flame, or it might be the case that one or both of you are not at the same point in life where a relationship can be sustained.

Distance is also a significant factor here, affecting your ability to maintain contact and grow together. 

If you’re currently at different locations and unable to meet up regularly then this can also cause separations until such time as one or both of you are able to spend more time together. 

This is because all relationships require effort on both sides, and if one person is unable to do that, then things don’t tend to work out very well when it comes to relationships.

How to Recover From Twin Flame Separation.

1. Communicate and listen

If there’s an area of disconnect, it’s essential to talk about it. Communication is key to creating a relationship that works. 

When you are communicating with your twin flame, listen to what they have to say without being defensive.

2. Give your twin flame space

Give your twin flame space if they need some time apart from you. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the relationship if your twin flame needs time apart sometimes. 

It can be difficult at times but give them space when they ask for it so that you can both recharge and reconnect later.

3. Stay positive

Try to stay positive during this separation even though it will be hard at times because negative thoughts only make things worse for everyone involved in the situation. 

You want your twin flame to feel loved and supported; this won’t happen when you are thinking or saying negative things about them or yourself.

4. Work on yourself

This will be the first time you’re on your own, and it can feel foreign. Take this time to reflect on yourself and your life. Use this time to learn more about yourself. 

Try to be more empathetic and loving with yourself. Would you go up to a friend who just lost their twin flame connection and tell them any of the things you tell yourself? 

Use this time to work on your passions and hobbies — or, if you don’t have any, use this time as an opportunity to figure out what they are. If there are personal issues that have been gnawing at you, take the chance now to work on them.

5. Use constructive coping mechanisms

The separation period can be brutal, and it will bring up feelings that are difficult to manage. Try to stay away from coping mechanisms that will hurt you or those around you. 

They will feel good at the moment, but they risk prolonging your separation and making you even more upset down the road. 

Instead, look for constructive ways of managing your emotions and controlling your reactions.

Some ideas include:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling/writing about your thoughts and feelings
  • Talking to friends who are supportive of you
  • Music (that does not trigger painful memories)

6. Keep them in your thoughts

If you’re having trouble letting go of your twin flame, don’t worry. You have the power to mend the separation. 

It starts with keeping them in your thoughts. Think about how your twin flame makes you feel when they aren’t around. 

Hold on to those feelings, and use them as motivation to get through each day without them. If you think about your twin flame, they’re likely doing the same thing on their end. 

When this happens, a spiritual connection forms between the two of you that is impossible to sever.


Nothing can prepare you for the intensity of pain, longing, and confusion after twin flame separation. You will feel that you’ll never get over it, but you will. 

You can have multiple soulmates but only one twin flame, this is why this separation is such a strong period of physical, mental, or emotional disconnect.

Most importantly, what comes after a twin flame separation is a twin flame reunion – which is what you should be looking forward to!



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