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16 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

Here are 16 signs your twin flame is thinking of you. You should use this to get the affirmation you need regarding your relationship with your twin flame. Read more ⇣
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signs your twin flame is thinking of you

Twin flames are two people who share the same soul energy. They are split into two bodies, but still one soul. 

What is a twin flame? [definition]

A twin flame is an intense and powerful soul connection between two people who share the same soul energy. A more accurate way to describe it is a mirror soul or someone’s other half of your soul.

In fact, some call it the other half of your soul. Twin flames are a divine relationship, making it the strongest connection you will have with someone.

It’s a powerful connection that’s hard to break, even if things don’t work out between you. However, it can be pretty confusing to know whether they’re thinking of you or not. 

Your twin flame journey is filled with signs that you may never notice or pay attention to. You should use this to get the affirmation you need regarding your relationship with your twin flame.

Knowing that you and your twin flame are experiencing the same signs, confirms your twin flame relationship.

Here are 16 signs your twin flame is thinking of you and cares about you

Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating with You

1. You dream about them

The dreams of your twin flame may not resemble the high-drama scenes that take place in many romance novels, but they are surprisingly accurate indicators of the connection you share with your twin flame.

These dreams – even if you’ve never met your twin flame – will feel like you’ve known them forever. 

They will feel like a memory of something that once was and is now gone.

Although it can be challenging to put your finger on exactly why, you will have a deep sense that this person is an integral part of who you are and who you have always been. 

2. You feel a telepathic connection

Do you feel as though you know what your twin flame is thinking? Or can you sense their feelings, even when they are not around? 

Do they seem to be able to answer questions and respond to your thoughts even when they are not physically present? You may already be in telepathic communication with your twin flame. 

Some twins describe this as an awareness of their twin’s presence, even when they are not actually together in person.

Perhaps during periods of separation, some twins experience a heightened sense of knowing about each other, including being able to track each other’s movements.

3. You know their emotions and feelings

A big sign your twin flame is communicating with you is that you feel their emotions as if they are your own.

Since the twin flame relationship is a mirror of yourself, you also feel these emotions when your twin flame is happy and joyful. 

However, when they feel pain, sadness, anger, or fear, then you will also feel those emotions as if they are your own.

4. You feel like you’re interacting with yourself

While you can look forward to meeting your twin flame with excitement and anticipation, you may also feel somewhat uneasy. You see, in many respects, this person is a mirror of yourself. 

While it’s true that a twin flame will bring out the best in you, they will also point out all your flaws without apology.

They may show you things about yourself that make you uncomfortable at first.

If you’ve been ignoring the parts of yourself that need improving or shying away from self-reflection, then be prepared for the fact that a meeting with your twin flame could be pretty jarring.

Twin flame relationships force us to look deeply within ourselves and come face to face with all our worst fears and flaws. 

Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

1. You feel united

When you are with your twin flame, you will feel a strong sense of being part of something bigger.

You may feel like you’re on the same wavelength and have a deep connection that leaves you unable to imagine being with anyone else. 

Your relationship may feel more natural than any other relationship you’ve had before as if it were meant to be.

Some people even experience this feeling as soon as they meet their twin flame for the first time.

In addition to feeling an intense bond with your partner, you may also feel a strong desire to share every aspect of life with them.

It’s common in relationships where one or both partners are spiritual seekers for each individual’s path and goals to become intertwined. 

No matter how different your day-to-day lives might seem on the surface, deep down you may feel united by a desire to make the world a better place and help those around you reach their full potential.

2. They make you better

If your twin flame loves you, they will want to help you become better than ever.

They want you to achieve your goals and dreams. 

If there are harmful habits in your life that are holding you back from reaching your full potential, they will encourage you to get rid of them.

A twin flame wants the best for their significant other and will do everything in their power to help change their lives for the better. 

They believe that everyone deserves a shot at having a happy life and will be incredibly supportive of whatever it is that makes you feel good.

Your twin flame should make you feel confident with yourself and how beautiful you truly are.

3. They feel like your soulmate

Astrologers tell us that twin flames are two halves of a single soul that were split apart and sent in separate directions.

They tell us that twin flames, unlike soulmates, choose to meet each other in this lifetime.

You might not understand why you feel so drawn to your particular person, but there is a reason for it.

If you don’t think they could be your twin flame but still feel like you have known them your whole life or like they’re the other half of you, they may be also one of your soulmates.

4. There’s a burst of emotions

You will feel a level of emotion you have never felt before. The connection to your twin flame is one where there is no holding back or censorship of feelings. 

You will feel everything, and you won’t know how to react to those emotions.

This is the first sign that can indicate that your twin flame loves you – you will be more sensitive to the emotions of others and you will be more empathetic. 

Being more empathetic also makes you more intuitive than ever. Since a twin flame relationship is a divine love, it helps balance out all aspects of your life.

So make sure that when looking for signs your twin flame loves you, look for these indicators as well.

5. You can’t be apart for long

Being apart from your twin flame feels like a part of you is missing. In the beginning, you may even experience withdrawal symptoms similar to drug addiction. 

You feel empty and incomplete when you are apart from your twin flame.

This is because your soul is seeking completion by being in union with the other half of itself.

The Universe designed twin flames to feel joy in each other’s presence and pain when they are separated – this helps keep them together as they work to become whole souls again.

Signs Your Twin Flame is Missing You

1. You experience mood swings

If you’ve been feeling moody and you don’t know why it could be that your twin is missing you.

You might feel like this is happening out of the blue, but there are actually deeper reasons behind your emotional roller coaster. 

Your twin flame may not be in control of their emotions either.

This might not make much sense to you, especially because one minute you can feel perfectly fine and the next minute you’re having an emotional meltdown. 

The truth is that when a twin flame misses each other, it’s usually because they are still attached to each other on an energetic level through an energetic cord that connects them energetically.

2. You feel warmth and comfort

Have you noticed feeling warmth and comfort from an unseen presence lately? You’re not imagining things. 

Your twin flame is missing you and reaching out to offer their support and love.

If your twin flame is a person of more tender emotions, they may feel “warm” towards you, especially in times of need. 

They may be filled with the wish that they could reach out and hold your hand through a difficult time. This warmth may bring a comforting sensation to your physical body as well. 

If you have been experiencing periods of emotional anxiety or stress, your twin flame may be trying to intervene on your behalf and offer some emotional relief.

You may also notice that during these moments, you suddenly feel more peaceful or hopeful about the future than before. 

This is one way in which our twin flames can help us through difficult situations; by reassuring us that everything will be okay if we can just remain present with them for a bit longer.

3. You can sense it

Your twin flame can miss you so much that they will communicate with you in your mind.

You may notice that they are speaking to you in thoughts, or they may be sending telepathic messages to you. 

When you think of them, it is as if they are right there with you. You can feel their presence, which brings a deep knowingness inside your soul.

You may also begin to notice their energy around you more than usual.

Imagine yourself giving them a big hug and letting them know that all is well between the two of you when this happens.

4. They randomly appear in your thoughts

You may be thinking about your twin flame at the same time they are missing you.

This happens when twins have a special connection and bond with each other. 

This is usually a deep knowing that something will happen or during a time when you are both going through something important in your lives.

This happens out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. 

You may be missing them because you were just in an argument, or maybe you miss them because they aren’t paying as much attention to you as before.

You might also think about them when they are not there with you, but their presence lingers in your mind and heart.

Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking of You Sexually

1. You feel their touch

When you meet your true twin flame, not only do you feel oneness, but often you can physically feel them as well.

This can include an internal feeling of being touched by them, even when they are far away or before you have even met them. 

When your twin flame starts thinking about sexual attraction toward you, they will likely think of ways to touch or be intimate with you.

If this happens when both parties are far apart from each other, then the thought process behind the physical contact may activate a deep level of empathic transfer between the two individuals. 

As this type occurs more often and becomes more intense over time, it can become a powerful sign that your twin flame loves and desires to be with you in an intimate way.

2. You randomly get sexual urges

Another sign your twin flame is thinking about you sexually is if you get sudden sexual urges.

You can experience sexual desires even when in different locations from your twin flame. 

The reason why this happens is because of the strong bond between you and your twin flame.

No distance, not even physical distance can come between two people who are connected through their souls. 

Even though twins are physically apart from each other, they will continue to feel intense feelings of love and attraction towards each other, which may lead to one or both people experiencing sexual urges when thinking about the other person.

3. You get goosebumps

Have you ever felt a chill go down your spine when you least expect it? Have you ever had the hair on your arms stand on end, but you weren’t sure why? 

If so, these experiences may be signs that your twin flame is sexually thinking of you. These feelings of warmth and affection may be reciprocated or even unrequited.

Either way, it’s nice to know that your twin flame is thinking about you as more than just an acquaintance with romantic potential – they’re also picturing you between the sheets.


A twin flame relationship will be the most intense and powerful connection you will ever have with someone.

For this reason, knowing the signs your twin flame is thinking of you can give you a sense of relief that the feeling is mutual.

Whether it’s dreaming of them or having mood swings, you can take action once you know for sure you’re both thinking of one another!



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