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80 Would You Rather Questions For Couples

My list of 'would you rather' questions for couples that are guaranteed to spice up your date night and deepen your intimate relationship. Read more ⇣
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would you rather questions for couples

If you’re running out of things to do during date night or just genuinely want to deepen your intimacy, what better way to do that than through interesting questions? 

With that being said, Would You Rather questions can be a great way to get to know each other better and bond as a couple.

They are also great for creating new inside jokes.

In this article, I have listed some of the best ‘Would You Rather Questions’ for couples.

Feel free to use these to get to know your partner better or just as a way to spend quality time with them!

How Do You Play Would You Rather for Couples

Would You Rather is a game that is played by asking questions that are based on two options.

The players have to choose between these two options, which can be very entertaining and fun.

Since you’re playing this with your significant other, you could choose spicy or even dirty questions to ask your partner!

You might not expect their answers, as they might surprise you!

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80 Would You Rather Questions For Couples

  1. Would you rather know your future or change your past?
  2. Would you rather have unlimited free therapy or the ability to read minds?
  3. Would you rather have a rewind button in life or a pause button?
  4. What do you think is worse- missing someone who is gone forever or having someone who doesn’t even care about your existence?
  5. Would you rather eat dinner at the same place every night and never get sick of it or try one new place every night for a year?
  6. Would you rather always feel tired but never sleep again or always feel sleepy but never need to sleep again?
  7. Would you rather give up Netflix forever or give up YouTube forever?
  8. Would you rather be a master of seduction or a master of romance?
  9. Would you rather be unable to hide your emotions or unable to express your emotions?
  10. Would you rather break the law and never get caught, or respect the law and always get caught?
  11. Would you rather have a horrible job and a happy love life, or a happy career and no romantic life at all?
  12. Would you rather be rich with no friends or poor with lots of friends?
  13. Would you rather never use social media again or never watch another movie again?
  14. If someone had a gun to your head, would you rather change your political party or your religion?
  15. Would you rather get stuck in an elevator with someone who farts a lot, or someone who keeps trying to make small talk?
  16. Would you rather have naps forever or eight hours of sleep every night?
  17. Would you rather have unlimited money but have bad health and no friends, or unlimited friends and good health but be broke?
  18. Would you rather have sex with someone twice your age or with someone who is half your age?
  19. Would you rather have a permanent hickey or have your partner make a loud noise every time you’re intimate?
  20. Would you rather watch your partner kiss someone else or hear them make love to someone else?
  21. Would you rather be turned on every time you saw a hot person or would you become the best lover in the world?
  22. Would you rather be unable to achieve orgasm during sex or be unable to achieve orgasm without being eaten out?
  23. Would you rather have sex with someone who has bad body odor or bad breath?
  24. Would you rather give up kissing or give up oral sex?
  25. Would you rather be good at giving head or getting head?
  26. Would you rather sleep with your boss or with a client?
  27. Would you rather go down on someone who is very hairy down there or someone who has neither shaved nor trimmed?
  28. Would you rather make out in front of your best friend’s parents or fart during sex?
  29. Would you rather have sex with someone who is 15 years older than you or 15 years younger?
  30. Would you rather take nude pictures of your partner or have them take pictures of you?
  31. Would you rather go without kissing for a year or without touching for a year?
  32. Would you rather always orgasm silently or always orgasm loudly?
  33. Would you rather your partner kiss someone else passionately on the lips or touch someone else intimately on the butt?
  34. Would you rather have sex while others are watching or watch others having sex?
  35. Would you rather have sex with someone who will always be there for you or someone who you cannot rely on but has a great body?
  36. Would you rather share your sex toys or borrow your friend’s sex toys?
  37. Would you rather know how everyone would look when naked before meeting them or what they look like naked after meeting them?
  38. Would you rather go a month without masturbating or a month without sex?
  39. Would you rather take a shower with your partner before doing it or not shower together after doing it?
  40. Would you rather have your parents catch you having sex or your kids?
  41. Would you rather have sex in the same position every time, or a different position every time?
  42. Would you rather make love on the beach in front of hundreds of people or alone in a tent in complete darkness?
  43. Would you rather date somebody who takes five minutes to climax or somebody who takes at least an hour to ejaculate?
  44. Would you rather have your partner tell you what they want as a gift or surprise them?
  45. Would you rather argue all night to resolve a conflict or end the argument unresolved before bed?
  46. Would you rather ask your partner for help or figure it out yourself?
  47. Would you rather have a lot of money and not be happy or have no money and be happy?
  48. Would you rather get married first and then fall in love or fall in love first and then get married?
  49. Would you rather cook for your significant other or cook as a couple?
  50. Would you rather be in lust forever or be in love forever?
  51. Would you rather be bored for two hours or in pain for two hours?
  52. Would you rather make out in the rain or while watching a movie?
  53. Would you rather go back to age 5 with everything you know now, or know now everything your future self will learn?
  54. Would you rather be bored and alone or always have someone around and never be able to have time to yourself?
  55. Would you rather give up your favorite physical activity or give up your favorite food for a year?
  56. Would you rather be happy but have no friends or have the perfect relationship but be miserable?
  57. Would you rather live in the same place for the next 50 years or move to a new place every 2 years?
  58. Would you rather take every opportunity that comes along, even if it might not work out, or pass on an opportunity because it might not work out?
  59. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or speak in every language fluently?
  60. Would you rather break a bone while sober or while drunk?
  61. Would you rather have to wear shoes at all times, including in bed and in the shower, or never be able to wear shoes again?
  62. Would you rather be a monk and spend your life meditating, or live a crazy life full of excess and debauchery?
  63. Would you rather be stuck in a 4 hour flight next to your most annoying neighbor or be stuck in the middle of the ocean on a small boat with them?
  64. Would you rather give up sex forever or give up food forever?
  65. Would you rather have someone else always say exactly what is on their mind, or no one ever say anything anymore?
  66. Would you rather have something bad happen to someone that other people found out about, or have something bad happen that no one else would know about?
  67. Would you rather drink a gallon of warm mayonnaise or eat five pounds of sand?
  68. Would you rather be completely bald but covered in incredibly realistic tattoos of hair, or have a full head of hair that was actually alive snakes?
  69. Would you rather your skin was rainbow colored or covered in scales like a lizard?
  70. Would you rather go 30 years with no TV or no spicy food?
  71. Would you rather take ten photos of yourself before posting any on social media, or post them right away and not care what other people think?
  72. Would you rather eat something that tasted awful or something that tasted good but was made with dog food?
  73. Would you rather have an unlimited international first class ticket or be able to fly on your own?
  74. Would you rather feel every bump on the road while driving or hear every sound while sleeping?
  75. Would you rather always be covered in a sticky sweat or always have dust on you?
  76. Would you rather live in a world where magic is real and and dragons exists or one where imaginary friends are real and unicorns exist?
  77. Would you rather go to jail for 4 years for something you didn’t do or get away with something horrible you did but always live in fear of being caught?
  78. Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent person in the room?
  79. Would you rather be with someone who is adventurous or somebody who would never leave the house?
  80. Would you rather be famous when alive and forgotten when dead, or unknown when alive but famous after death?


Relationships are never easy, and sometimes you need a fun way to laugh together with your partner. 

These ‘would you rather questions’ for couples can help you break away from the monotony of everyday conversation and the occasional arguments. 

You can ask them to your significant other and you might even learn a thing or two about them!

These fun questions will help you and your partner get to know each other on a deeper level while also having some laughs along the way. 

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