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Karmic Relationship vs Twin Flame – What Are The Differences & Similarities?

You can only have one twin flame in your life, whereas you can have several karmic relationships. Learn more about what the differences and similarities are. Read more ⇣
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karmic relationship vs twin flame

Twin flames are a very special relationship that all of us have the potential to experience once in our lives.

In contrast, karmic relationships come into your life more than once, but you usually do not pursue them. 

In the following, I discuss the differences and similarities between a karmic relationship and twin flame, and if they can become one. 

You should gain a better insight into whether the person you had in mind is, in fact, your twin flame or a karmic relationship.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

Many people say they aren’t sure if they have a karmic relationship or a twin flame. To start, it’s important to know what a karmic relationship is. 

What is a karmic relationship? [definition]

A karmic relationship is a strong bond with another person that is a whirlwind experience, and full of turbulence that will test you and your understanding of love and relationships

A karmic relationship is any relationship that you are experiencing with someone who has a soul with which you have had a past life connection. 

Observing your reaction to this person will determine whether the connection is destined to be resolved in this lifetime or across your lifetimes.

A karmic relationship can be romantic or platonic, but there will always be some sort of unresolved issue between you and your partner as you both learn from one another in order to resolve old karma. 

Some relationships may feel intense, full of attraction and passion. However, over time, the negative aspects may outweigh the good and make it difficult for each partner to find harmony within themselves and the union. 

Karmic relationships are doomed to fail and will most likely end as fast as they began. Even as twin flame relationships are also often intense, it often provides a high frequency for both individuals. 

On the other hand, a karmic relationship will provide nothing but low frequency for both parties. This relationship will be draining, toxic, and low-vibrational in every aspect.

What is a Twin Flame?

To put it simply, a twin flame is not someone you are meant to be with because they are your other half, but instead, that person is intended to come into your life to help you become whole. 

What is a twin flame? [definition]

A twin flame is an intense and powerful soul connection between two people who share the same soul energy. A more accurate way to describe it is a mirror soul or someone’s other half of your soul.

Your twin flame is literally the mirror of you. That’s why so many people have such strong reactions to their first meeting with a twin flame: it’s like seeing yourself in another person.

Imagine that everyone has a soul, and within each soul, there are two parts – one masculine and one feminine. 

Throughout our lives, we tend to identify with one side of ourselves more so than the other depending on our gender and upbringing. 

Our twin flame represents the part of us that we don’t readily see or acknowledge in ourselves. 

When we come together with our twin flame, it’s as if the universe somehow manages to reunite those two parts of our soul in one body. 

This is why twin flame relationships are the most intense relationships you can have in your lifetime. Whether or not you already have someone in your life or not, your twin flame will never compare to anyone else. 

You’ll both share natural telepathy where you could be miles away from one another, but still be aware of each other’s emotions and thoughts.

Similarities: Karmic Relationship vs Twin Flame

The similarities between these two types of relationships are that they both have the ability to be incredibly rewarding and challenging – they are intense and passionate. 

They involve a deep soul connection and they both can be very painful. The lines can easily be crossed with both relationships, but they both serve different purposes in your life.

Both relationships provide an impact on your spiritual growth. Your twin flame will help you heal and face any baggage and trauma you may be harboring, whereas a karmic relationship will help you learn particular lessons in a more challenging way.

The twin flame and karmic relationships are alike in many ways. They are usually very intense, and they tend to share similar themes. These include obsession, stalking, and sometimes even violence. 

Another similarity between karmic and twin flame relationships is that both of them can be painful for the people involved. 

This is especially true for twin flames because this relationship doesn’t end until the individuals involved have resolved all of their issues with each other. This can take years or even decades.

Twin flame relationships are often based on past life connections. 

For example, if someone was a child abuser in a previous life, then that person might find it difficult to stop abusing children in this life as well. As you can see, there are many similarities between karmic and twin flame relationships!

Differences: Karmic Relationship vs Twin Flame

There is a significant difference between a karmic and twin flame relationship. 

The biggest difference between the two is that while a karmic relationship will end when its lessons have been learned, a twin flame connection is permanent.

A karmic relationship is often more common than a twin flame relationship as they are easier to come by and tend to be the most popular ones that people have. 

On the other hand, a twin flame relationship is rare and can be an incredible experience for those who fall into one. 

These two types of relationships are very different so it’s essential to understand how they differ from each other in order to know what kind of relationships you are looking for in life or if you have already found them.

To clarify further, twin flames are usually romantic or sexual connections due to their intense nature, but they can also be platonic. 

Twin flames are a spiritual connection and you may have already met your twin flame if you have had an immediate and intense bond with someone soulful and deep at every level, including physically.

They tend to have a powerful and instant sexual attraction between them. This is because the physical attraction between two people is based on their spiritual connection to each other on a soul level.

On the other hand, as you might guess from the name, karmic relationships bring up old karma for us to work through as individuals (and together) so that we can finally heal, grow and move forward on our path of higher self-awareness and personal growth.

Karmic relationships often feel like unfinished business. We just can’t seem to let go until whatever needs releasing has been worked through to completion – this often feels like feelings of obligation or duty towards the other person no matter how bad things get between you both.

Karmic relationships will teach you important lessons about yourself that you need to learn before moving on with your life. 

However, they will never bring you the unconditional love or lasting joy that comes with finding your one true soul mate or twin flame. 

When these experiences are finally over, it’s time for both parties involved to move on.

As painful as this process may seem at first, there really isn’t any option other than letting go of each other (and all emotions related), so that both halves of our souls can continue along their individual paths towards enlightenment without being held back by past attachments.

Can a Karmic Relationship Be a Twin Flame?

The short answer is no. The more complicated answer is that while a karmic relationship can be a twin flame relationship, it’s more likely to be a soulmate than a twin flame. 

A twin flame relationship is the ultimate soulmate relationship – it has all the elements of a karmic and soulmate relationship combined, but with one exception. 

At the beginning of this type of union, both partners are on equal footing. Both feel an instant connection to each other. 

The connection may even feel so intense that it scares one or both away from pursuing the potential for love – otherwise known as the runner.

Twin flames can live very different lives and have very different personalities, but they always share an undeniable bond that cannot be severed no matter where life takes them or what they do. 

They have similar personality traits and often have had similar life experiences as well, which makes their time together extremely fulfilling because they understand each other completely.

A karmic relationship will never be a twin flame for they have different divine purposes. While both of them provide lessons in your life, your twin flame helps you fulfill your divine purpose. 

They provide a fulfilling relationship, whereas a karmic relationship will exhaust you, encouraging a low-vibrational life.


To summarize, a twin flame is someone with who you feel a deep and natural connection. 

When you find your twin flame, it’s often instant and results in some kind of spiritual awakening, as well as lifelong intimacy. 

You can only have one twin flame in your life, whereas you can have several karmic relationships. Your twin flame will also complement and complete you in ways that nobody else can

Karmic relationships certainly aren’t uncommon – you’ll probably encounter them at some points throughout your life – but they’re more like prerequisites on the path to finding your true twin flame.



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