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Do Soul Ties Affect Men?

Soul ties happen to both men and women, though it is less discussed among men, but it is very real. Read more ⇣
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do soul ties affect men

Soul ties are deep attachments based on spiritual connection, especially between two men.

Although many believe in the idea of soul ties, there are misconceptions attached to that belief, and that belief is often focused on women rather than men.

Contrary to popular belief, soul ties affect both men and women. Men have a different approach to the experience than most women.

There are different types of soul ties; some might be one-sided, and some might be mutual.

Sometimes people don’t experience the connection immediately, but rather much later than they otherwise would.

How Soul Ties Affect Men

The idea of soul connections, or the idea that everyone has a connection with someone else on some level, is usually reserved for people who are hopeless romantics or little girls waiting for their prince charming.

However, it’s something that affects everyone, including men.

The idea behind soul ties is debatable. Some people believe it originated in the Bible as a spiritual connection that forms when two people engage in sex.

This connection is described in the Bible as the “knitting of souls”.

People believe that the idea of soul-ties originated from Greek mythology. In these myths, humans originally had four arms and four legs.

When Zeus was angry with us, due to our arrogance, he cut us in half. This made it so we could not function on our own, so we had to go looking for our other halves.

There are many soul connections, and every person experiences them differently. Men may believe that their relationship with their current partner is their soul tie because they usually form connections with people that they believe to be ideal.

Men define a soul tie differently, focusing on the specific qualities they are looking for in a woman.

In contrast, women are more likely to assess their emotional connection with the other person to determine if they are a soul tie, trusting their intuition and making a conclusion based on intense feelings of connectedness.

How Men Know They Have a Soul Tie

One way a soul tie could form is if someone had an emotional, emotional, or spiritual connection with another person, for example through sexual contact or through deep conversations.

If a person bonds closely with someone, they are likely to share a soul tie. A person needs to know if there is also a tie with the other person before it can be deemed healthy.

If it is healthy, this can lead to some symptoms such as:

You Feel Exceptionally Excited and Curious

When the soul tie is good, a man will feel excited to know more about their interests.

They might even experience nerves due to their intense curiosity.

You Feel More Energized than Usual

A healthy soul tie will help the individual to grow and become the best version of themselves in order to attain spiritual development.

All kinds of connections can be a soul mate, but one’s soul tie will help one attain higher levels of self-confidence and bring positivity into their life.

You Feel an Unexplainable Intense Connection

Soul ties are very intense connections with someone that you might feel like you’ve known your whole life and think of them as a missing puzzle piece.

Like women, men are strongly impacted by their soul mates. If an individual is in a physical or emotional distance with their soul mate, they can feel very lonely.

How men should handle unhealthy soul ties

Remove an unhealthy soul tie as soon as possible, because an ungodly soul tie will exhaust you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Unlike a healthy one, this type of tie leaves you with no way for personal growth.

Acknowledge That the Soul Tie is There

The first step to getting over an unhealthy tie is admitting it exists. If you’re feeling any of those listed emotions, your tie may be toxic.

If you don’t recognize the pain in your soul, that might be what’s holding you back from breaking your tie.

Maintain Distance When Dating

If there is a deep connection, the relationship becomes closer and stronger.

When you connect on more areas such as physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with that person- the relationship becomes even stronger.

It’s best to stop talking to and meeting this person in order to focus on your own recovery, clear your space of their belongings and cut off any communication.

Stopping contact is the easy part, making that emotional connection dissolve is the tricky part.

Take a Break and Meditate

We can’t break the connection with our soul tie when we meditate. Meditation allows people to connect to their higher selves as well.

It’s really tough to feel emotions and be spiritual while you are meditating.

Meditation can give you clarity for making sound decisions. You can also seek help from your guardian angels and spirit guides to be more decisive.

Choose to Forgive

When you release the low-vibrational frequencies that you receive through an ungodly soul tie, it will come back to you in a higher vibration. One way is by forgiving.

You can break a soul tie with someone by letting go of the negativity that comes from forgiving and forgetting. Letting the tension go will allow you to find peace within yourself.


Many people believe that soul ties aren’t a thing amongst men. But that’s not true. Soul ties do affect men!

Men tend to have difficulty with soul ties in general due to the societal adversity surrounding them.

A soul connection as strong as a soul tie can be difficult to sever; in this case, either by enlisting help from spiritual advisors or just letting go.

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