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Sweet & Cute Good Morning Messages For Long Distance Relationships

Here's my list of 20 good morning messages for long distance relationships that will melt his or her heart. Read more ⇣
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good morning messages for long distance relationships

When you are in a long distance relationship, your partner is probably away from you but is still watching and listening to you as they want to be a part of your life. 

You also want to stay connected with them and want to show them how much you care about them even when they are not around. 

Communication will always be vital in any relationship, but even more so for long distance relationships.

Here I’ve come up with several cute and sweet good morning messages for long-distance relationships that will melt his or her heart. 

You can use these to brighten up your partner’s morning and remind them that you’re never not thinking about them.

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10 Good Morning Messages for Him In a Long Distance

1. “How I wish you’re beside me on my bed right now. Good morning!”

This is a great text to send your partner if you miss their physical presence.

It shows that while you love having them in your life, the distance is hard because you want to be close to them and feel their body next to yours. 

Long-distance relationships are tough and sometimes, all we can rely on is our phones. Sending this text will remind him how much he means to you and how badly you want him by your side.

2. “Good morning to the best and most wonderful man in my life.”

It’s a perfect text to send for someone who doesn’t want to seem too clingy or over the top, but still makes it clear that you think he’s absolutely wonderful. 

It’s both sweet and sincere, so it will definitely make your man feel great about himself and his relationship with you. 

This text message also lets him know how much you care about him and that he is the most important person in your life right now. He’ll be touched by your words and emotions expressed within!

3. “I can proudly boast that I’m in love with the most gorgeous man in the world, good morning honey.”

This is a lovely good morning text that’s sure to make him smile, even if he’s far away. It tells him how you feel about him and acknowledges his wonderful qualities as well.

It’s nice to be reminded of the things we love about our partners, especially early in the morning when they’re still waking up and getting their bearings. 

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this kind of validation can go a long way toward making days apart easier to manage. 

Maybe he doesn’t have many people telling him how attractive or wonderful he is right now, so taking the time to tell him can make all the difference in his day.

4. “We could be thousands of miles apart, but my heart remains with you. Good morning!”

With this text, you can communicate to your boyfriend that even though you are far apart, your love for him is never-ending. 

You will always wake up in the morning thinking about him, and he has a special place in your heart. He is the reason that you go through each day with energy and enthusiasm. 

It will remind him of how much he means to you, no matter where either of you are in the world.

5. “I am, by far, the luckiest girl to have landed someone like you in my life. Good morning to you!”

Long-distance relationships are not easy. When it feels like there is a very long distance between you and your partner, you might find yourselves getting frustrated when it comes to making each other feel loved. 

You can use this text as a way of telling your man how lucky you feel to have him in your life. 

There’s nothing that a man loves more than being appreciated for who he is and for what he does for the woman he loves. This text will tell him everything that he needs to know about how much he means to you, even from afar!

6. “Physical distance may part us, but our hearts and souls will always be entwined in sweet love.”

This is the most romantic way to send him a good morning message, especially if he has been missing you.

Yes, it is cheesy – but so are you, and that’s why your boyfriend loves you. He’ll appreciate that this text was made just for him and that it sounds so sincere and genuine from the heart. 

This cute text will make his day and instantly put a smile on his face! Also, how often do you hear the phrase “our hearts and souls will always be entwined”? 

I can’t think of any unique way of saying good morning to your lover other than this perfect text.

7. “Even if the sea were the ink and the sky were the paper, you won’t be able to express how much I love you.”

This unique, poetic text is sure to make your loved one feel special. 

Even though he might be far away from you in terms of both location and space-time, this long distance good morning message reminds him that your love is unending – and frankly, a bit daunting. 

It also gives him something to consider while he’s at work – how much you genuinely love him.

8. “Sending you a thousand kisses to begin a new day filled with love in your heart.”

Why does this work? It lets your love know how much you wish that you could be there to kiss him. Even if he is far away, it will make his day just a little bit brighter. 

The best part about it is that it is really easy to text, and honestly, how many times have we thought about kissing our partner when they are far away? 

You’re basically reminding him that even from far away, you’re sending him a thousand kisses to make him feel your love

9. “I’ve been counting every sunrise waiting to be with you again. Have a lovely morning!”

This text shows your man that you’re thinking of him during this time of separation. 

Letting him know you’re counting down the sunrises to your next meeting also shows how much you’ve been thinking about him, and how close the two of you are to being reunited. 

He’ll be happy that you took the time to send something like this, especially if he’s missing you as well. There is no doubt that your man will be thrilled to get a message like this one from you. 

It’s sweet and thoughtful, expressing both love and longing.

10. “Life seems so mundane when the reason for my existence lives so far away. Good morning, my love!”

Use this good morning message to remind him that even if you are far away, he’s still the one who makes your heartbeat. 

When the sun rises, you just want to close your eyes and tell him once again how much you love him and miss him. 

You’re also giving him a remarkable start to his day by not letting a day pass by where you don’t genuinely crave and long for his presence beside you. 

Most importantly, it’s such a poetic and romantic way of expressing your love through text.

10 Good Morning Messages for Her In a Long Distance

1. “I may not be there with you, but I will always be there for you. Good morning!”

This text message shows that you care about the situation and are committed to the relationship. You can go a step further by assuring her that you will do anything for her happiness. 

The tone of this text message is caring and sensitive, which will make it easier for your partner to understand what you mean in a short period of time.

2. “You may be a thousand miles away from me, but I feel we are always together. Good morning!”

This is a great example of a text for your significant other. It shows that you are thinking about her and that you are aware of how difficult it is to be in a long-distance relationship.

Long-distance relationships are incredibly challenging, even at the best of times. It’s essential to show your partner that you miss them and care about them as much as possible. 

So giving them small reminders like this every now and again can be very beneficial to the well-being of your relationship.

3. “A day without you is a day without sunshine! Good morning, my love.”

This text is a great way to let her know how important she is and that you miss her so much. You’re letting her know that you are there for her even though you aren’t physically together. 

Knowing that someone loves you can make anyone’s day a little brighter. 

This sweet message can be sent any time of day to remind your girlfriend that she means the world to you, but it works best in the morning as a way to start off her day with a smile on her face and love in her heart.

4. “The sun lights up the Earth, just like your eyes light up my heart. Good morning, baby.”

In the context of this ‘good morning’ text message, it’s clear that you’re comparing your girlfriend or wife to the sun because she has a positive impact on you and makes you feel good whenever she’s in your presence. 

For example, when the Sun rises each day, it brings light to the world and everything surrounding us. In other words, the Sun gives life! 

Similarly, whenever you’re with her – or even when you think about her – she brings happiness into your life and motivates you to become a better person. 

Without her in your life, there would be nothing but darkness. She is literally like the Sun in those ways!

5. “Your cuteness is the most important thing for me, my love. Good morning to you.”

This morning message lets your partner know that, of all the things in their life and the world, their cuteness is the thing that stands out to you. How could this not put a smile on her face? 

Not only does it remind her of how much you appreciate her physical beauty, but it’s also a reminder that she’s your favorite person in the world. 

You love everything about her and like nothing better than looking at her smiling face first thing. 

In a long distance relationship, sometimes simply knowing that you are loved can be enough to get through another day apart from each other.

6. “Even though you are far away, I feel you nestled in my heart as we are one. Good morning, lovely.”

This is a sweet and romantic message to send to your lover. It shows that you are longing for her. 

It also indicates that you are missing her, and when you think of her it gives you so much joy as if she is with you. 

This text may be short, but its content will make her smile all day long. This text message basically implies that even if you’re miles apart from one another, your hearts and souls are still connected as one – and that’s a beautiful sentiment to wake up to. 

Your girl’s heart is bound to melt with this text!

7. “You’re my paradise, and I’d happily be stranded with you for a lifetime. Good morning!”

This text is a great message to send your love because it does so much in so few words. First, the word paradise sets the tone for the entire text. 

It evokes images of an island paradise where your love and you are stranded like castaways, isolated from the rest of the world and alone with only each other’s company. 

The word “paradise” also connotes a state of bliss – and if you could be with her in any state or place, you’d prefer her company to anyone else in the best parts of this world (or indeed, any other). 

Finally, “stranded with her for a lifetime” indicates permanence. You’re not going anywhere, and your love will endure even after time has exhausted its power over both of you

8. “The sun never seems bright enough since the time I last saw your bright smile. Good morning, my dear!”

This is a good text message to send her to let her know you are thinking of her and want to see her again soon. The phrase “my dear” makes this message personal and also expresses how much she means to you. 

You can compliment her smile, which will make her feel confident and happy. This type of compliment also emphasizes how much you miss seeing her face in person. 

You could also emphasize that distance has made it harder for you to be as positive and happy when she isn’t around, which will make the recipient feel special for being able to affect you so much!

9. “I am jealous of the light that wakes you up because I cannot. I hope to see you soon.”

This text message is a great choice because it’s an honest expression of feeling but isn’t too sappy or sentimental. 

It simulates a calm, relaxing morning scene and expresses humorous jealousy toward the light that gets to wake your love up every morning. 

This text has charm without being too cheesy; it acknowledges your feelings for her by expressing jealousy at not being there to wake her up but does so in a fun way.

10. “I would never get tired of telling you how much I miss you because that’s exactly how I feel right now. Good morning!”

If you need a cute, loving way to start your girlfriend’s morning off right and make her feel appreciated, this is the perfect good morning text for you. 

Not only does it tell her how much you miss her and want to be with her, but it also recounts the great things about being in a long-distance relationship. 

You can always keep her close at heart, and the time you have together holds so much more meaning than if she lived next door. 

No matter where she lives – across town or across the country – you can let her know how much she means to you with this simple but sweet text message.


A sweet ‘good morning’ message from you can make your partner’s day complete, no matter how far you two are from each other. 

It will put a smile on their face and make them realize that they are lucky to have you in their life. With any of the texts mentioned above, you can make your lover happy and start their morning on the right note!

What are your best good morning messages for long-distance relationships? Let me know in the comments below.

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