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9 Texts to Get Him Chasing You

Here are 9 text messages you can should use to get him chasing you. Here are text messages you can use to get him to chase you. Learn why these texts work and how you can use them properly. Read more ⇣
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9 Texts to Get Him Chasing You

Have you ever wondered why it’s almost impossible to get some guys to chase you while running after other girls as if their life depended on it?

You’ve done all the right things and he seems to be interested in what you have to say, but you still can’t get him to pursue you.

I’ve come up with 9 text messages you can use to get him to chase you.

After you’ve finished reading this article, you should be able to get an insight into why these text messages work and how you can use them properly.

How Can Text Messages Make a Guy Chase You?

Text messages are a potent tool in the game of romance. They’re not just a way to keep in touch – they can serve as a powerful method for getting him to chase you. 

If you play your cards right, you can use your texts to get his mind off of his ex, off of his hectic schedule, and into the idea that he’d much rather be home with you than out on the town. 

Of course, there’s no formula for this type of thing, but the texts should obviously catch his attention. You need to be smart and strategic with your texts if you want to make a guy chase you. 

If you want to know how to make a guy chase you through text, this is one of the most important things you should keep in mind. Also, be mysterious and unpredictable.

9 Texts to Get Him Chasing You

1. “Do you have any idea about my dream last night?”

Texting is a great medium for flirting, but it can be so easy to misread or misinterpret texts. This text will make him work to try and figure out what you’re saying between the lines. 

He’ll feel like an investigator as he tries to decode your message, making him more invested in getting to know you and figuring you out.

Here’s how this text works. First, tell him about your dream. It doesn’t matter what was in the dream – tell him what happened or give enough details that he’s almost able to picture it (but not quite). 

Then ask him what he thinks it means – this is where he’ll start feeling like an investigator as he tries to figure out if your dream has anything to do with him. 

Give a hint that you were dreaming about him by adding something along the lines of “and I can’t wait until we see each other again.”

2. “You’ve been running on my mind all morning, but I look forward to seeing you later.”

Why is this s a good text, you ask? Well, this text is a great one to send when you’re feeling flirty with him. Also, it lets him know that he’s been on your mind all morning, without being too overbearing. 

It also tells him exactly how you feel about seeing him again (and who doesn’t like to hear that from someone else?).

You should send this after spending the night together, or if you haven’t seen each other in a couple of days. 

Feel free to also add more details about why he’s been on your mind all morning – like what you were thinking about doing later on tonight, or how excited you are for your next date.

3. “Please tell me you don’t believe in the three-day rule.”

This is one of the texts you can send that will show your confidence and self-esteem. Instead of waiting around for his text, you choose to not play around and make the first move. 

This is an action of a high-value woman, which will make him want you even more. It subtly gets his attention with just one text and will be more curious in getting to know you.

4. “You’re probably busy at work, but here’s a reminder that someone is currently thinking about you.”

This text is a good reminder for your partner that you have a life outside of him and you’re totally fine with it. It’s also okay to tell him that you miss him, but don’t make it weird. 

Don’t be shy about reminding him that you’re thinking about him while he tries to pay attention at work. He’ll be thankful to know that someone out there has his back so he can get through the rest of the day.

Send this text during the day while your mind is on him – he’ll genuinely appreciate it!

5. “I shouldn’t admit to this, but do you the most irresistible thing about you?”

Use this text to make him think about what you’re talking about! This is an excellent text because it makes him think about what you’re talking about, making him think about you.

He will be curious and want to call or see you to find out more. To use this text, just tell him something you like about him and end with “I probably shouldn’t tell you this but…” 

Then, continue the sentence with whatever it is that makes you happy.

For example, if he has a nice smile, tell him, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but your smile is something I find irresistible about you.”

6. “Are you aware of how sexy your eyes are each time you laugh?”

Lots of guys like to joke around, so finding someone who can keep up with that is essential to many. Plus, who doesn’t love a good compliment? 

The trick here is to make sure it’s not something that could come off as a pick-up line or seem disingenuous. 

You want this compliment to come from a place of sincerity, and if you don’t know him well enough yet to honestly say this about him, don’t use the line. 

Or, at least wait until you’ve seen him laugh genuinely and are ready to tell him he looks sexy when he does.

7. “Give me three of your best fantasies, and maybe I can make them come to life.”

Telling a guy what you like or dislike about them is always a challenge, but asking him to tell you his fantasies takes the pressure off. 

He’ll be so flattered that you asked for his input, and it gives you a chance to listen without having to do anything more than respond.

This is also a great way to get the conversation going when the two of you are still trying to figure out each other’s likes and dislikes.

Imagine how grateful he’ll be if you actually make one of them come true once he responds with three of his fantasies (which could take some time). 

You can also use this tactic on someone who has been working hard all day – as long as they have some downtime coming up, they will appreciate any opportunity to enjoy themselves!

This is one of those texts that can go in almost any direction depending on how creative he gets with it, but it’s sure to make him smile no matter what happens next!

8. “You know surpasses a text back? Definitely a dinner invite.”

By now, he should be eagerly awaiting your following message. This text will make him realize it’s time to take things off the phone and into real life.

Put a few hours between your last text and this one so he has time to build up some anticipation. If you’ve been talking for a while, you can suggest hanging out in person. 

You don’t need to wait for him to ask you; just say where and when you’ll be ready, then tell him how much you look forward to it (even if you’re playing hard-to-get). 

This is yet another text that flaunts your confidence and high self-esteem, which are attractive qualities in a woman.

9. “You’re so lucky that you’re gorgeous. That’s probably why I keep you around.”

This text works because it’s a playful compliment, but also a challenge. You’re basically saying that you keep him around because he’s cute, not because of his intelligence, and you know he won’t like hearing that. 

A guy can handle being called “cute,” but if you tell him he doesn’t have any other redeeming qualities… yikes! He might try to prove you wrong and make himself more appealing in your eyes.

You should be careful about using this text message on a guy who is really insecure about his looks though, even if he is incredibly good-looking. 

If the guy isn’t confident enough to handle some playful banter, you’re going to hurt his feelings instead of making him want to chase after you more.


Most guys will agree that texting is one of the most annoying parts of modern dating.

Some stay glued to their phones whenever you’re together because they can’t go longer than five minutes without checking their texts. 

On the other hand, some take hours or days, or weeks to reply (if at all). 

But if you want to make a guy chase you, texting is essential for keeping things interesting, making him see you as mysterious and desirable, and giving him just enough attention that he wants more.

When will you use one of these texts to get him chasing you?

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