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120 ‘This or That’ Questions for Adults

120+ 'this or that' questions for adults to get to know your partner better and guaranteed to create interesting, fun & intimate conversations. Read more ⇣
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This or That Questions for Adults

There’s something about asking questions that make for an excellent ice breaker. 

When it comes to developing friendships and relationships, both sides can’t open up when they aren’t comfortable or when neither side knows the other too well. 

By asking ‘this or that’ questions, you solve this problem. Not only do you have fun, but it’s a great ice breaker.

Here I’ve come up with 120 ‘this or that’ questions for adults. You should be able to use these at parties, get-togethers, or whatever occasions you may have with your group of friends (or people you want to become your friends).

Also, check out my list of ‘this or that’ questions for couples here.

How Do You Play This or That for Adults

The dynamics of this game are pretty simple. Each of you has to ask this or that question and everyone else in the room has to answer it. 

The questions don’t have to be simple either, as they can be juicy, flirty, or even dirty questions! The most important thing is to have fun with it. 

In a way, it’s similar to the game – Would You Rather? The best thing about this game is you can use it as a drinking game or just something to break the ice with someone. 

It’s particularly helpful if you want to get to know someone better and want to use these questions as an ice breaker. Whether you want to know someone’s preferences or likes and dislikes, this is a great game to start with!

This Or That Questions For Adults

  1. Vacation at an all-inclusive resort or vacation to a different city every day
  2. A year without television or a year without social media?
  3. Live in the moment or think about the future?
  4. City streets or country trails?
  5. Arctic or dessert?
  6. Attractiveness or intelligence?
  7. Be famous but poor or unknown but wealthy?
  8. Be obliged to tell the truth all of the time or be obliged to tell lies all of the time?
  9. Be afraid of creepy crawlies or heights?
  10. Be able to read minds or control minds?
  11. Smiling or laughing out loud?
  12. Mountains or beach?
  13. Horror or comedy?
  14. Dine-in or delivery?
  15. Facebook or Twitter?
  16. Video games or board games?
  17. Wine or beer?
  18. Asking questions or answering questions?
  19. Fame or fortune?
  20. Lose your sight or lose your hearing?
  21. Scrambled eggs or sunny side up?
  22. Would you rather date someone kind but not deep, or someone intelligent but unkind?
  23. Respect or loyalty?
  24. Sex in the car or in the hallway?
  25. Sex on the first date or on the first day at school?
  26. Sex with your crush or with your ex?
  27. Sex or cuddling?
  28. Marriage or career?
  29. Marriage or children?
  30. Group wedding or group sex?
  31. Boobs or butts?
  32. Legs or thighs?
  33. Licking or sucking?
  34. Hold hands in public or put your arm around someone’s shoulder in public?
  35. Hang out with your friends or stay alone on the weekend?
  36. Live in a deep forest with complete privacy or live in a busy neighborhood with excellent views?
  37. Date a shy person or a confident person?
  38. Stay together with your partner or stay away and meet a few times a month?
  39. Be in a relationship with someone who never hugs you or someone who never argues?
  40. Spend your special occasions with the entire family or alone?
  41. Give up fast food or parties?
  42. Be embarrassed in front of your in-laws or front of your parents?
  43. Travel on a plane with frogs or a bus with a snake?
  44. Be hated for being good or be talked about for being bad?
  45. Be locked at home during winters or travel to a desert during summers?
  46. Forget your mobile phone without a security lock at your parent’s house or forget your collection of favorite movies?
  47. Be caught watching porn or masturbating?
  48. Fake your death by sleeping for one year or going to jail?
  49. Work hard at a well-paying job or work less at a low-paying job?
  50. Become a millionaire at a corporate dead-end job or earn average doing what you love?
  51. Have a private wedding or a wedding in a public venue where strangers can watch?
  52. Have an ambitious partner or a hilarious partner?
  53. Be someone who is loved or feared by all people?
  54. Report the wrongdoings of your partner with your family or friends?
  55. Go for a photo booth or take random selfies with your partner?
  56. A clean partner and freak or a partner who is dirty and lazy?
  57. Be with a person who is obsessed with an old fashion or someone who does not know anything about fashion?
  58. Wake up late and spend your day alone or wake early and spend your time with your partner?
  59. Have a briefcase with $10 million or find true love but live in poverty?
  60. Prefer having a few friends or hanging out with many acquaintances?
  61. Stay for one month without taking a shower or stay for one month without internet access?
  62. Engage in a conflict or avoid it?
  63. Live in a fantastic city with a boring job or a boring city with a good job?
  64. Buy luxuries and live in a rented house or live in your own house without access to luxuries?
  65. Be brilliant and ugly or dumb and good looking?
  66. Work in the same company with your partner or rather be jobless?
  67. Have all the love that you desire or have all the money that you desire?
  68. Live and cause the death of a child or sacrifice yourself and save the life of your child?
  69. Cook meals for yourself or cook together with me?
  70. Eat your favorite food by yourself or eat your worst foods?
  71. Lie to your best friend or lie to your parents?
  72. Do schoolwork by yourself or as a group?
  73. Be on a TV show or meet your favorite celebrity?
  74. Spend a whole day in a large museum or spend an entire day in a huge garden?
  75. Drink orange juice or drink tea during breakfast?
  76. Have small feet or small hands?
  77. Have bad gifts for your birthday or no gift at all?
  78. Share your birthday cake with your friends or with your parents?
  79. Be the worst player on a winning team or be the best player on a losing team?
  80. Prefer having friends who are better looking than you or friends who are smarter than you?
  81. Download electronic books or go to the library?
  82. Be popular in real life or be popular only on social media?
  83. Eat only fruits for one month or only eat vegetables for one month?
  84. Has your best friend been an extrovert or one who is an introvert?
  85. Fall sick and fail to sit for a test or fail a test that read hard for?
  86. Be in a relationship with someone near or be in a relationship with someone who is far away?
  87. Be the only child or have many siblings?
  88. Engage in your hobbies or never engage but receive $5 million?
  89. Make less money and have more free time or make a lot of money but have less free time?
  90. Be a good person who lives a simple life or is a bad person but innovates something that becomes a success?
  91. Be a great motivational speaker or an athlete?
  92. Watch an incredible movie or read a book with a fantastic story?
  93. Forget the birthday of your best friend or your best friend to forget your birthday?
  94. Lose your sense of smell or your sense of taste?
  95. Work for someone you love, but make little money or work for someone you hate but make a lot of money?
  96. Marry a bright person in this world or marry the hottest person in this world?
  97. Marry someone who doesn’t love you or someone who you don’t love?
  98. Have a phone with a weak signal or have one with slow internet?
  99. Frame your best friend for a crime you committed or be framed for a crime you didn’t commit?
  100. Shopping in-store or online shopping?
  101. Watch a movie in a packed theatre or sit down and watch a movie on your couch?
  102. Walk in the dark or drive in the dark?
  103. Live on a farm with many plants and animals or live in a mansion in a city?
  104. Earned a lot of money working in another company or get a loan and start your own business?
  105. Staying single for the rest of your life or being forced into a marriage arranged by your parents?
  106. Prefer someone to owe you a lot of money or you to owe someone a lot of money?
  107. Look strong but, in a real sense, be weak or look weak but be strong?
  108. Be middle class for the rest of your life or be homeless for ten years and after that become rich for your entire life?
  109. Lose your luggage or have your flight to your favorite destination delayed for one day?
  110. Be happy and ignorant or knowledgeable and sad?
  111. Be stuck on a roller coaster or stuck in an elevator?
  112. Be a moron in a world of geniuses or be a genius in a world of morons?
  113. Be stuck in a house alone or be held in the house with someone you hate?
  114. Be dumped by someone or dump someone else?
  115. Has your naked photo been shared with all people that know you or run naked in the entire street?
  116. Go back to college or high school for one year?
  117. Live in a place that is always hot or always cold?
  118. Have a guide to assist you in exploring a new place or exploring on your own?
  119. Have your children embarrassed you in public, or do you embarrass your children the public?
  120. A small intimate gathering or a big blowout?


With these ‘This or That’ questions for adults, you can come up with a great party and fun way to get to know one another. 

Whether sober or drunk, these questions are interesting and engaging enough to grab the attention of everyone in the room.

You never know, you may even learn a thing or two about everyone else!

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