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120 This Or That Questions For Couples

120+ 'this or that' questions for adults to deepen the intimacy, desire, and even substance in your relationship. Read more ⇣
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This Or That Questions For Couples

When it comes to relationships and dating, no matter how long you’ve been together, this doesn’t mean you know everything there is to learn about them. 

By asking the right set of questions, you can build intimacy and have fun in the process!

Playing ‘this or that’ questions with your partner is a great way to deepen intimacy, desire, and even substance in a relationship.

I’ve come up with a list of 120 ‘this or that’ questions for couples. This should encourage you to have fun with your S.O. and make it a game to remember!

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How Do You Play ‘This or That’ Questions for Couples?

This or That Questions is an incredible and fun way to break the ice with your partner. Similar to how you would normally play this game with your friends and co-workers, the same goes for your partner. 

The only difference is that these questions can help you get to know each other better and deepen the intimacy in your relationship. 

There are no limitations with these questions as you can ask anything you want on this list to your partner! 

To make things even more fun and memorable, you can turn this into a drinking game or date night with your partner. Buy your favorite alcoholic beverage and make a night out of it!

120 This or That Questions for Couples

  1. Achieve all of your career goals but have no time for family or have all the time for family but not achieve everything you want to at work?
  2. Live ten years longer with regrets or die ten years early with no regrets?
  3. Your partner outlives you or do you outlive your partner?
  4. Publish your search history across your social media or see your parent’s search history?
  5. Have a major pay rise or move to the place of your dreams?
  6. Give up sex or give up food?
  7. Be able to change the future or the past?
  8. Submissive or dominating in the bedroom?
  9. Orgasm once a month or 70 times a day?
  10. have to announce whenever you’re feeling horny or never be able to tell your partner your horny again?
  11. Only have sex in bed for the rest of your life or never be able to have sex in a bed again?
  12. Sleep with your number one celebrity crush or receive $1,000?
  13. Always have sex in the dark or never be able to have sex in the dark again?
  14. Spank or be spanked?
  15. Have three great friends or 20 average friends?
  16. Be 80 years old forever or five years old forever?
  17. Have more money or more time?
  18. Have five kids or no kids?
  19. Speak all the languages of the world or be able to speak to animals?
  20. Go back ten years into the past or go forward ten years into the future?
  21. Have a photographic memory or be a leading expert in one specific area?
  22. Know everything your loved ones have ever said about you or say everything you think when you think it?
  23. Be infamous or unknown?
  24. Never use deodorant again or never use toothpaste again?
  25. Sick up slugs (Ron Weasley style) or allow spiders to crawl in your hair for an hour?
  26. Live in a house with 50 mice or 5 snakes?
  27. Have a thumb for a tongue or a tongue for a thumb?
  28. Have to lick the bus every time you get on or never be able to use public transport again?
  29. Lose your phone, keys, and wallet once a month or wet yourself once a month?
  30. Never celebrate Christmas again or have to wear a gross Christmas jumper throughout the festive season?
  31. A child vomit on your or do you vomit on a child?
  32. Has your partner tell you what they want as a gift or surprise them?
  33. Be the couple that everyone is jealous of or the couple everyone wants to be friends with?
  34. Argue all night to resolve a conflict or end the argument unresolved before bed?
  35. Attend a car race or a baseball game together?
  36. Ask your partner for help or figure it out yourself?
  37. Cook for your significant other or cook as a couple?
  38. Your partner be rich and cocky or broke and a sweetheart?
  39. Have the life of a cat or a beaver?
  40. Be in lust forever or be in love forever?
  41. Learn sexy couples tango dance or go to a hip hop club together?
  42. Your partner is very active on social media or does not have any social media accounts?
  43. Rather be dumped or do the dumping?
  44. Be embarrassed in front of your in-laws or your partner’s boss?
  45. Be failures together or become successful apart?
  46. Be proposed to on the jumbotron at a baseball game or in a parking lot?
  47. Go out on a double date or have a romantic dinner for two at home?
  48. Have your forever home in a tiny town or a big city?
  49. Be in a bad relationship or alone for the rest of your life?
  50. Be in a relationship with someone who never says “I Love You” or who never hugs you?
  51. Live with your partner’s parents or siblings?
  52. Be with someone who eats with their hands or constantly burps and farts at the table?
  53. Be with someone who’s always on their phone or someone who’s always going through your phone?
  54. Be with an ex-convict or a recovering drug addict?
  55. Be with a sweet computer geek or a sexy sports star?
  56. Be with someone who is the life of the party or who is shy?
  57. Have a trusting significant other or a jealous one?
  58. Have your browsing history checked or your text messages?
  59. Come home to a homemade dinner on the table or restaurant plans with another couple?
  60. Commit a crime with your partner or turn them in for a crime they committed?
  61. Be with someone who likes to go out every night or someone who likes to stay home every night?
  62. Earn more money than your partner or have them earn more than you?
  63. Get a professional couple’s massage or a massage by your partner?
  64. Euthanize your spouse yourself or have them live longer but die in pain?
  65. Get an expensive gift from your lover or a thoughtful one?
  66. Go on a couples vacation to Africa for a safari or to a fancy resort in Paris?
  67. Give up the internet for three months or not see each other for three months?
  68. Get the silence treatment or be yelled at when you are angry with each other?
  69. Have a happy marriage for 10 years and then die or have a miserable marriage for 30?
  70. Have a partner who wants to stay up all night or sleep all day?
  71. A partner who never has time to spend with you or a partner who’s clingy and never leaves you alone?
  72. A partner who hates their job but makes a lot of money or one who loves their job but earns very little?
  73. A significant other whose teeth are yellow or who is missing 2 visible teeth?
  74. Date night every week or every month?
  75. Let your spouse/partner date your best friend or your biggest enemy?
  76. Know how you are going to die or how your partner is going to die?
  77. Have an emergency fund or have a travel fund?
  78. Have your partner be best friends with his ex or your ex?
  79. Have your significant other only have one partner before you or 100?
  80. Be dirty in the bedroom or super romantic?
  81. Watch your partner be intimate with a stranger or your best friend?
  82. Have sex in a high-rise window or in an elevator?
  83. Be intimate five times a week or once a week?
  84. Your partner bragging about you being an animal in bed or being super romantic?
  85. Have your partner do something unexpectedly kinky to you or unexpectedly romantic?
  86. Your lover have pierced nipples or a piercing on their privates?
  87. Have a great relationship that is almost sexless or a bad relationship where the sex is great?
  88. Have a quickie or have it last for an hour and a half?
  89. Have someone hearing you making love or seeing you making love?
  90. Come home to your partner naked or dressed to the nines?
  91. Make love in a dumpster or on the floor of a gas station bathroom?
  92. Use a toy on your partner or have them use one on you?
  93. Be blindfolded or handcuffed in the bedroom?
  94. Make love 3 times a day or once a month?
  95. Have your belly kissed or have your thighs kissed?
  96. Have your parents walk in on you or your children walk in on you?
  97. Bring a third person into the bedroom or have your partner cheat on you?
  98. Give up social media or be an influencer?
  99. Die in 10 years with no regrets or live for 30 years with lots of regrets?
  100. Go to jail for a crime you didn’t commit, or get away with a crime but be paranoid about being caught for your entire life?
  101. Have a public or private proposal?
  102. Have a huge wedding or just get a marriage license?
  103. Eat only ice cream for the rest of your life, or never eat ice cream again?
  104. Always be underdressed or always be overdressed?
  105. Not brush your teeth for a week or not take a shower for two weeks?
  106. Get stranded by yourself on a desert island, or stranded on a snow mountain?
  107. Be on a dating show (like The Bachelor or Love Island) or a survival show?
  108. Always have a runny rose or always have a cough?
  109. Be 45 minutes late or 45 minutes early to every event or engagement?
  110. Eat only ice cream for the rest of your life, or never eat ice cream again?
  111. Travel back in time, or travel to the future?
  112. Know every language, but never be able to travel to another country, or would you rather travel, but never be able to speak another language?
  113. Be remembered in history books for doing something terrible, or be completely forgotten after you die?
  114. Be able to speak any language or be able to speak to animals?
  115. Be the funniest person in the room or the best-looking person in the room?
  116. Have snot in your nose or something stuck between your teeth?
  117. Have salty buttered popcorn or sweet caramel popcorn?
  118. Be able to be invisible or read people’s minds?
  119. Have your favorite food every day of the year or not eat it at all for a year?
  120. Have no Facebook for a year or read no books for a year?


Usually, this-or-that questions can be overlooked and ignored. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be utilized when you are dating someone or getting to know them better. 

When asking ‘this or that’ questions for couples, aim at being playful and fun. You’re both getting to know your partner deeper while also spending quality time with them, after all!

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