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Zodiac Signs Compatibility For Love & Relationships

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Zodiac signs that should and shouldn’t date. Read more ⇣
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Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Love & Relationships

Imagine if we knew exactly how our love lives will play out from the very beginning. We’d save ourselves a world of pain!

Now, what if I told you that in some ways, this is possible? Astrology is the best system we have to analyze — and perhaps even foresee — how well we gel with others.

It’s far more detailed, complicated, and serious, than you may have realized, but don’t fret!

This article will cover all bases and tell you everything you should know about the zodiac signs compatibility for love and relationships.

How Is Zodiac Signs Compatibility Calculated?

Zodiac compatibility — or sun sign compatibility — has little to do with your personality. It’s determined by how the cosmic energy of one sign interacts with another.

Even though any couple can make it work if they put the effort in, a few things govern how well the signs get along naturally. Let’s take a quick look at them now.

Elemental Nature

The elements determine quintessential qualities. If you were to strip the signs down to their purest form of energy, these traits would remain:

  • Fire signs are passionate, zealous, and confident. They can also be domineering, self-centered, and inconsiderate.
  • Earth signs are sociable, responsible, and steadfast. However, they can be hard-headed, controlling, and overbearing too.
  • Air signs are free thinkers, peaceful, and innovative in their intellect. The downside is that they’re often aloof, judgemental, and self-important.
  • Water signs are intuitive, imaginative, and empathetic — but they’re often needy, moody, and weak-willed.

Some elemental combinations make better matches than others. A high-spirited but insensitive fire sign and a creative but clingy water sign may spell trouble. Likewise, the free spirits of air and the duty of Earth could be difficult to blend.


Duality describes how each sign directs its energy — either active or passive. 

Traditionally, we refer to this binary as Masculine/Feminine, but you could also call it Yin/Yang, Positive/Negative, or Inward/Outward.

The hard nature of the Masculine doesn’t always fit with the subtleties of the Feminine.

  • Fire and Air signs are Masculine. They’re straightforward, calculating, and deliberate. These signs are masters of their fates, but they can be uncompromising.
  • Earth and Water signs are Feminine, meaning they’re cautious, passive, and more reactive than involved. These signs adjust rather than design. 


Modality is a sign’s modus operandi — their instincts, or driving force. 

  • Cardinal signs favor progression. They instigate and prefer action over ideals.
  • Fixed signs are set in their ways. Often labeled as stubborn, these signs are incorrigible.
  • Mutable signs are fluid. They adapt to circumstances and change to fit their surroundings.

Different modalities can have healthy relationships — if they’re willing to set aside their differences.

If not, it will likely create problems, and in worst-case scenarios, rifts.

Vibrational Patterns Explained

The Zodiac wheel shows us how each sign is relative to the others, and therefore we can study how they interact.

We call these dynamics vibrational patterns, and they’re the best way to calculate compatibility between sun signs.

We calculate a vibrational pattern by counting from one sign to the other and then counting from the second back to the first.

zodiac signs vibrational pattern wheel

Let’s use Gemini and Aquarius, for example. On the Wheel, from Gemini to Aquarius we count 9, then from Aquarius to Gemini, it’s 5.

Therefore, these two signs have a 5-9 vibration, as do Cancer and Pisces, Leo and Aries, Virgo and Taurus, and so on.

But what do these numbers mean? Don’t worry, I’ve broken it down for you.

Sun Sign Patterns


1-1 describes the energy between two people of the same sign. These people are kindred spirits with the same qualities, instincts, and mindset.

1-1 relationships have the best potential for success, but it doesn’t guarantee perfection. 1-1 partners may not have much to fight about, but this dynamic could stagnate faster than any other. 


This pattern represents the signs that sit next to each other on the wheel. 2-12 signs make excellent friends and probably get along like a house on fire — but it comes with imbalance. 

There’s typically a leader-follower dynamic, and when taken to an extreme, one will certainly dominate over the other.

Ultimately, this pattern implies that although the relationship has all the spark, it may not have enough stability.


The epitome of “to each, their own”, 3-12 partners get along just fine but struggle to relate to each other.

Therefore, 3-11 people will have a pleasant relationship, but run the risk of growing apart. Friends with benefits typically fall under this pattern as do exes who remain friends. 


Unfortunately, 4-10 relationships are the least compatible of all — but that doesn’t mean they can’t succeed. After all, signs within this pattern share a modality, so their behavior is similar.

The problem is that it’s not enough. These signs simply want different things, and without giving it your all, the relationships are difficult to maintain.


5-9 is the vibration between signs of the same element. The signs have a mutual understanding of each other’s nature but behave differently.

5-10 relationships are easy to maintain with enough dedication. They’re susceptible to petty disagreements, but it’s nothing these two can’t handle.


Partners within this vibrational pattern have absolutely nothing in common. The elements, duality, and modality are different.

6-8 dynamics are tumultuous, to say the least — but what’s a mystery is how well these two signs make it work regardless. It’s often a sign of a relationship that’s built to last. 


7-7 signs are complementary and many astrologers believe them to be the most compatible. It denotes the signs that lie directly opposite from each other on the wheel.

These two are magnetized and fit together like puzzle pieces. 7-7 couples must remember: flames that shine twice as bright, burn half as long — and relationships cannot thrive on spark alone.

The Signs In Love

Let’s take a closer look at which signs you’re best suited for.

Remember that the following is simply a cheat sheet, and only you can determine the success of your relationships.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Fire – Fixed – Masculine


Aries approaches relationships with a sense of high-risk, high-reward. Aries pursues excitement and comfort, and won’t hesitate to leave relationships they feel are unfulfilling.

Aries Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


An Aries-Aries relationship will have thrills in abundance, and neither person will ever have to convince the other to play their part. The only problem is that egos are equally matched and this could start some fires!


Libra is the only sign Aries could ever submit to. Libra’s sense of fairness and cardinal nature perfectly complements the youthful naivete Aries is known for. Libra helps Aries grow, and Aries keeps Libra young.

Scorpio and Virgo

Aries-Scorpio is the high-risk, high-reward Aries is looking for. Both have a penchant for indulgence, and this fire-water combination will be steamy, to say the least!

Virgo is exactly what Aries wants: someone self-sufficient who can hold their own rather than relying on Aries for validation.

Aries Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Aries and Capricorn bring out the worst in each other. Aries’ sense of adventure will likely suffocate under Capricorn’s rigidity. They’ll have to compromise — but both signs are known for their obstinance.


Cancer is the neediest of the signs, but Aries prefers self-reliance. Cancer will unintentionally drain Aries, and Aries will easily hurt Cancer’s feelings without meaning to.

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Earth – Fixed – Feminine


Taureans work hard so they can play harder and their relationships are no exception. Taureans are nurturers by nature and lean towards tradition in love.

Taurus Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


Who is better suited to the organized, efficient, and extravagant Taurus than someone who matches them? This 1-1 relationship is the best combination for the American Dream — but they can stand to add some spontaneity.


Taurus and Scorpio enable each other’s veracity. Scorpio adds exhilaration to Taurus’ routine, while Taurus supplies comfort to Scorpio’s chaos. 

Libra and Sagittarius

Taurus is a great match for both of its 6-9 counterparts for the same reason: Libra and Sagittarius are the most level-headed of their respective elements, and this fits in well with Taurean practicality.

Taurus Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Taurus and Aquarius function on different wavelengths and they’re both too stubborn to accommodate each other. Aquarius is far too eccentric for Taurus, while Aquarius has no time for Taurus’s pedanticism.


There isn’t enough room in a relationship for both Taurus and Leo. Both want to dominate, so this relationship could easily turn into a power struggle. Taurus and Leo are fixed signs, so learning to cooperate is easier said than done.

Gemini (May 21–June 21)

Air – Mutable – Masculine


Geminis are the thinkers of the Zodiac, and they’ll apply logic to everything — even love. They’re excellent and expressive communicators, and, since they’re mutable, will fulfill any role you need them to.

Gemini Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


Compare two Geminis to Goldilocks — everything is just right. There’s the right amount of passion, creativity, and stability.

However, great minds think alike, but fools rarely differ. The 1-1 curse of stagnation is amplified among Geminis, so these two must actively keep their spark alive.


Gemini and Sagittarius are as complimentary as it gets. Neither sign has time for nonsense or time-wasting. They will get to the point in all aspects of their relationships, and take turns at the wheel.

Capricorn and Scorpio

Gemini’s 6-8 matches are perhaps the most tumultuous and can be considered love-hate.

Gemini struggles with on-again-off-again partnerships with these signs, but they can’t stay away from each other, and will gladly ride the rollercoaster to the end.

Gemini Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


The problem with a Gemini-Virgo match is that they don’t need each other at all. Gemini and Virgo struggle to fit into each other’s lives.

Virgo is too detached and uninvolved for Gemini’s liking, while Gemini is too aloof for Virgo to find warmth in.


The Gemini-Pisces relationship is an anomaly because they’re the dual signs — the only two represented by more than one symbol: two people, and two fish.

In romance, there are simply too many personalities at play. A Gemini-Pisces relationship is double the effort.

Cancer (June 22–July 22)

Water – Cardinal – Feminine


Cancer is the softest sign in the Zodiac and they approach relationships with compassion, understanding, and sweetness.

Above all else, Cancerians want comfort and are more than willing to stick with someone who will provide it.

Cancer Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


This 1-1 vibration is two peas in a pod. It’s a sweet dynamic, and its only flaw is that it may fall victim to toxic positivity.

Two Cancerians must communicate, instead of ignoring their problems.


Cancer and Capricorn want the same thing: security. Cancer softens Capricorn, and Capricorn supports Cancer.

In the end, they keep each other comfortable. This is the perfect foundation for a nuclear family.


Cancer and Aquarius will fight like no two signs can, but they’ll brush it off just as easily because they share the same priorities.

Cancer could make it work with both of its 6-8 matches, but Sagittarius may be a bit too blunt for Cancerian’s sensitivity

Cancer Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Aries and Cancer may be the worst match in the entire zodiac. Aries is simply too hardy and inconsiderate to give Cancer the reassurance they desperately require, and Cancer is too high maintenance for Aries’ care-free personality.


If relationships were a dessert, this dynamic is a bowl of unsalted broccoli. There will always be those who prefer the bland, but generally speaking, Cancer and Libra will struggle to interest each other.

Libra is too practical, and Cancer is too sentimental.

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Fire – Fixed – Masculine


Leos are more social than romantic, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t lucky in love. They may be difficult to tame, but others are drawn to their passion, charm, and big hearts.

Leos would rather be alone than settle for mediocrity. It’s all or nothing.

Leo Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


The Leo-Leo relationship is comparable to monarchs. These two won’t ever fight over the throne, they’ll build two and rule together, side by side. They must be careful not to lose sight of what’s important: each other.


Leo and Aquarius are the most entertaining opposites in the Zodiac and shenanigans abound. That said, they’re both fixed with large personalities, and their disagreements could easily spiral out of control. 


Leo and Pisces may be the most unlikely match of all. A romance between a lion and a fish. shouldn’t work, but it does. Pisces makes the perfect cheerleader for Leo’s pride, and Leo is the perfect muse for Pisces to dote on.

Leo Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Taurus and Leo are too set in their ways to make room for each other’s needs. They both want things exactly their way and clash too much to accommodate smooth sailing.


The opposite of Leo-Pisces, you’d think this match should be one made in heaven, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Leo and Scorpio will enable each other’s flaws and amplify excess and toxicity.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Earth – Mutable – Feminine


How many Virgos in relationships can you count? Virgos are realists and self-reliant, so they don’t easily enter into partnerships. Even so, when Virgos fall, they fall hard and stop at nothing to protect their loved ones.

Virgo Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


A Virgo 1-1 collaboration is the most sensible. Virgos do not see sense in wearing rose-colored glasses. They won’t have to live up to silly ideals or put up with unnecessary drama. The relationship may lack fireworks because of this.


Pisces is the most romantic, and Virgo is the least, so how could they be compatible? It’s surprisingly simple. They give each other exactly what they need. Virgo means business and keeps Pisces grounded, while the Fish softens Virgo’s heart.

Aries and Aquarius

Both of these 6-8 vibrations work well for Virgo, but for opposite reasons. Aries and Virgo get on like a house on fire because neither has to be the pillar for the other.

Aquarius can depend on Virgo for structure and will add adventure to the Virgin’s otherwise orderly life.

Virgo Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Sagittarius and Virgo walk in opposite directions and rarely have time to converge. Though they’re like-minded, they’re often unable to find an efficient way to give as much as they take from each other.


Virgo and Gemini make excellent friends, but romance doesn’t come easily to these two. Gemini’s in-your-face demeanor may be off-putting to Virgo, while the walls Virgo has built may seem impossible for Gemini to overcome. 

Libra (September 22–October 23)

Air – Cardinal – Masculine


Librans are the least superficial of the zodiac and are willing to give anyone with a good character a chance at their heart. Librans are supportive, fair, and prefer quality over quantity. They view relationships as a marathon rather than a sprint.

Libra Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


Librans have the same sense of righteousness so this 1-1 relationship is as serious as it gets. It can be predictable however and could stagnate quicker than any other 1-1 vibration.


Aries’ fiery and spontaneous personality is exciting to Libra, and Libra is the voice of reason Aries will never admit they need. Their opinions and behavior may easily clash, but it’s not enough to drag these two down.

Taurus and Pisces

Libra’s 6-8 matches are vastly different from each other, and that’s what keeps Libra interested in both. Taurus’s level-headed nature plays right into Libra’s hand, while Pisces adds the element of surprise that keeps Libra invested.

Libra Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Libra and Capricorn aren’t a nightmare combination, and there are certainly many successful relationships between these two. The problem is that they don’t take each other seriously, and in extreme cases, may try to control each other.


Librans have no time for Cancerian sensitivity, and Cancerians cannot handle Libra’s brutally direct nature. If there’s a spark it could dampen quickly and neither will feel there’s anything worth salvaging.

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Water – Fixed – Feminine


Scorpios are the hedonists of the zodiac. They value pleasure above all else, and therefore, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Scorpio who rejects intimacy and companionship.

Scorpios pretty much worship their partners and will stop at nothing to keep their flames burning. 

Scorpio Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


Whoever initially described intimacy as “steamy” certainly had two Scorpios for inspiration. No relationship will be as intense, excessive, or unrestrained as this 1-1 dynamic.

Two Scorpios will gratify each other in every way possible — but they’re the most susceptible to toxicity because of this.


Taurus’s extravagance appeals to Scorpio, and the Taurean stability protects them. Scorpio will give in to Taurus’s every whim — and who could say no to that?

Aries and Gemini

Scorpio and Aries are like-minded in their pursuit of excitement. Scorpio wouldn’t dream of getting in Aries’ way, and Aries loves freedom.

On the other hand, Gemini gives Scorpio a different kind of pleasure: mental stimulation. Neither 6-8 dynamic is perfect, but it’s good enough for Scorpio.

Scorpio Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Scorpio and Aquarius pursue the same things: comfort, abundance,  and satisfaction all-around — but their ideas of such are polar opposites.

Scorpio thinks Aquarius is too unconventional and eccentric, while Aquarius believes Scorpio is out of touch and self-indulgent.


There’s a good chance that Scorpio and Leo will bring out the worst in each other, but they won’t mean to. Their initial desires and steam could easily become obsessive, destructive, and addictive.

Since they’re both fixed, a toxic path will be hard to walk away from.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Fire – Mutable- Masculine


Just like Cupid, when Sagittarians shoot their shot, they never miss. Sagittarians take the direct approach to relationships and have little patience for folly. The archer means business, and when they settle it’s usually for life. 

Sagittarius Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


You’ll never see a relationship form as quickly as one between two Archers. They’ll know and respect each other’s boundaries and emphasize honesty.

This 1-1 relationship may be a little too formal at times. Remember it’s a romance, not a business deal.


Is anyone better for the direct Sagittarian than straightforward Gemini? These two may be opposites, but they have an uncanny way of filling in each other’s blanks.

They’ll easily adapt to their differences, and solve problems with communication.


Sagittarius prefers their 6-8 vibration with Taurus rather than that of Cancer. Taurus is efficient and reasonable — and Sagittarius has no time for fluff.

Although Sagittarius is drawn to Cancer, the Crab is a little bit too sensitive, and Sag will have to walk on eggshells.

Sagittarius Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Virgo is probably the only sign that can dodge Sagittarius’ arrows. If they choose to get hit by one, the relationship may lack spirit.

These two signs are too impersonal to experience the cliches of romance. Keeping each other interested will be quite a challenge.


Sagittarius and Pisces make wonderful friends, but in love, they’re like oil and water. Though both are mutable, they’ll struggle to adapt to each other’s whims.

Not to mention, Pisces is too fanciful and needy for Sagittarius, and the Archer is too stern and pragmatic for the fish.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Earth – Cardinal – Feminine


Capricorn loves tradition and will never speed through meaningless flings. To Capricorn, all relationships are serious and they’ll dedicate their life to maintaining them.

They’re difficult to read and rarely express their true feelings.

Capricorn Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


Two Capricorns are cozy and the partnership will make sure all of their needs are met. But Capricorn is closed off, so this relationship will have to concentrate on communication, lest they grow apart.


I can’t think of any two people better suited to each other. Capricorn is a provider, Cancer longs to be nurtured.

Capricorn will give Cancer all the comfort they could ask for, and in turn, Cancer will reassure (and cling to) Capricorn with all their might. This one might just last forever. 


Capricorn and Gemini will have a lot of heated disagreements, but it won’t be enough to break their bond. Loyalty between a Capricorn and Gemini can’t be matched. They simply need to learn to meet halfway.

Capricorn Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Aries is too independent for Capricorn — who wants to be relied on. If these two have any hope of making it, they’ll have to sacrifice a lot of their ideals to reach a compromise. This could easily lead to resentment.


These two could be perfectly happy, but they’ll never stop competing and compromise won’t come easy to either of them.

Libra will be overly critical of Capricorn, and Capricorn is too hard-headed for Libra to level with. It may not be worth the effort.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Air – Fixed- Masculine


Aquarius is the most unconventional, and their relationships will be too. Waterbearers do not chase people or buy into the dating game.

They wait until relationships sprout naturally, but when they do, they’ll jump right in.

Aquarius Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


Aquarians are the only people who truly understand what goes on in this 1-1 relationship. Waterbearers live in their own dimension, and Aquarians in love understand each other as no one else can.

They mustn’t lose themselves in their fantasies.


Leo is the perfect sign to accompany Aquarius on their escapades. Aquarius’ antics might annoy Leo at times, and the Lion’s conventions might strain the relationship, but they’ll always meet in the middle for the sake of fun.

Cancer and Virgo

No relationship will be as chaotic as the 6-8 workings of Aquarius and Cancer. They will fight like cat and dog, but after the storm, they’ll gladly hunt rainbows together.

As for Virgo, they’re the only straight and narrow souls Aquarius finds interesting and the Virgin hopes to learn from them.

Aquarius Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Aquarius and Taurus will have to rewrite themselves to make it work. Both signs are fixed and therefore, compromise won’t come easy. It will likely cause rifts in the relationship.


Scorpio is too insatiable for Aquarius’ liking. Water-bearers are all about contentment, and they typically find the Scorpion’s appetite impossible to satisfy. The Scorpion will have to give more than they take.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Water  – Mutable – Feminine


Pisces people refuse to breathe if love is not in the air. The most desperate for romance, Fish pour the most energy into acquiring and maintaining their relationships.

The most steadfast in love, Pisces enjoys chasing just as much as they enjoy being chased.

Pisces Most Compatible Zodiac Signs


If you’ve ever met a couple so lovey-dovey it made you nauseous, they were undoubtedly two Pisces. You’ll struggle to find a cheesier relationship, and that’s precisely what the Fish wants.

But Pisces people take romance to an extreme, and when there are two of them, they might mistake toxicity for love.


Pisces and Virgo make a formidable team. Their romance will likely blossom from friendship, and if it does, they’ll already have everything in place.

The exact opposite of each other, Virgo will save Pisces from themself, and the Fish will charm Virgo into letting loose.

Libra and Leo

Both of these 6-8 vibrations are symbiotic. Pisces and Libra will push each other’s buttons and are bound to tease, but they’ll help each other grow.

As for Leo, the fish gives the Lion exactly what they crave: undying affection.

Pisces Least Compatible Zodiac Signs


Pisces will drain Gemini with their overbearing fancies, and Gemini is sure to crush Pisces’ spirit with their nonchalance. Remember, there are four spirits at play in this relationship and it’s too many for either to adapt to.


Both signs are good at compromising, except when it’s with each other. Sagittarius is simply too sensible to accept Piscean ideals and Pisces is too ardent to fall in line with Sagittarius’ logic.

These two make better friends than anyone, but a romantic collaboration is difficult to sustain.

Does Astrology Matter In Relationships?

Simply put, yes — but that doesn’t mean that your whole love life rests on your zodiac sign. 

Astrology is a complex system and your sun sign is only the tip of the iceberg — your moon sign, ascendant, and Chiron matter just as much.

The best way to implement astrology into your relationships is to have natal charts analyzed by an astrologer.

This doesn’t mean that sun sign compatibility is nonsense. At the end of the day, your sun sign is your dominant personality, and we can learn a lot by comparing our signs with our partners.

It’s Written In The Stars

People born under one set of stars will have things in common — the same way someone born in the USA will inevitably have similar culture with other Americans.

Remember, zodiac signs are components of a larger whole. We all have our place in it and with each other. 

We just need to learn to get along. Astrology teaches us why we are the way we are, and what we can do to perfect all aspects of our connections to others.

Use the zodiac signs compatibility chart to pinpoint your quirks and better understand your relationship.



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