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What Are Angel Numbers? (A Guide to Their Special Meaning)

Angel numbers are divine messages that give us insight into aspects of our lives and relationships that we typically overlook. So, if you’re seeing repeating numbers everywhere you look, don’t ignore them. Read more ⇣
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what are angel numbers an explanation in 2024

What Do They Mean & Why Do You Keep Seeing Them?

I’ll never forget the time I was visiting my brother-in-law, John, and someone on TV kept repeating the words, “John, the dog”.

We thought it was funny at first until we discovered that we didn’t close the gate properly, so John’s dog had escaped the yard.

We can all agree that the universe spoke to us that day, right? What if I told you that sometimes divine messages aren’t so blatant.

The universe, God, your higher self — or whichever power you turn to — could be communicating with you in subtle, everyday ways.

That’s where angel numbers come in.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Have you noticed that you always see the time at 2:22 am, or that your change is always exactly $2.22? Do you spot car license plates that include 222 whenever you drive?

If you keep seeing the same repetitive number sequence on license plates, bills, clocks, phone numbers, street signs, and addresses — if so, the universe is speaking to you.

Simply put, angel numbers are repetitive number sequences that appear too frequently to ignore.

The most common occurrences are repeating number sequences, for example, 111, 222, 333, and so on — but they can, and do, vary.

Although the explanation is simple, the justification is the exact opposite.

Angel numbers are so much more than mere coincidence — they’re rooted in mathematics, history, and philosophy.

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Where Do Angel Numbers Come From?

Angel numbers are a branch of numerology — the belief that numbers have divine energy and, therefore, coincide with our lives.

Some believe numerology is a pseudoscience, but what they don’t know is that it wasn’t just anyone who determined numbers have power.

It was none other than Pythagoras — the very same who shaped geometry, astronomy, music, and philosophy.

Pythagoras believed, and proclaimed, that numbers carried and detailed the essence of the universe. 

Although he did not design western numerology, the system is based on Pythagoras’ doctrines — and who better to judge the significance of numbers than a revered mathematician and spiritual leader?

Skip ahead to the 2000s when Doreen Virtue — a new age author — coined the term “Angel Number” and popularized decoding them.

In essence, angel numbers are a collaboration of numerologists who learned and share how to interpret prominent numbers around us.

We simply have to recognize them for what they are. 

Are Angel Numbers From the Bible?

Angel numbers don’t exist in the bible, nor are they a Christian system of belief.

Although angel numbers don’t stem from traditional Christianity, many numerologists — even Pythagoras himself — see a connection between the two.

It’s unclear why they were named angel numbers, but our best guess is that the name is symbolic.

Angel numbers are messages, and since many believe angels to be messengers, it makes sense.

Still, don’t take the “Angel” part too literally (unless you’d like to. Who doesn’t like the idea of guardian angels?).

Angel numbers are a connection to the power you submit to; be it God, the Universe, or even your higher self.

What Makes Angel Numbers Special?

Angel numbers have boomed in recent times, and more people are starting to subscribe to them. So what’s all the fuss about, then?

Well, angel numbers are unique from other new age practices because they’re not defined by who we are, but rather our circumstances and environment.

In astrology and traditional numerology, you’re stuck with the cards you’re dealt because you can’t change when you were born.

Angel numbers change according to what we need — as if they have a mind of their own!

Another reason angel numbers stand out is because they’re not instructions. They simply alert us to what we should focus on.

They’re not advice, cheat sheets or shortcuts — they’re clues, and what you make of them is entirely up to you.

You still have to put the work in, and you still have to make your own choices.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Numbers?

We can all agree that the Universe likes dropping hints, so put it this way: Angel numbers are signs from a higher power, tailor-made just for you. 

If you’re seeing recurring numbers left, right and center, there’s likely something you need to turn your attention to or watch out for.

That said, angel numbers apply to all sorts of situations and can be interpreted in many ways. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’ve felt conflicted lately, and then you notice an angel number.

It could show you the direct way, or tell you what to do to gain clarity on your situation.

You may even get a glimpse at the potential consequences of your choice.

Depending on your life, angel numbers can be affirmations that you’re on the right path, or check-engine lights pointing out that maintenance is needed.

Sometimes they’re contemplations, other times they’re calls to action.

You may find that some messages are vague and require mindfulness to decipher, but others are as blatant as lights on an airplane runway.

What we know for sure is this: Angel numbers are fluid and fit the mold of your existence.

If you’re seeing angel numbers, it’s because you are meant to, so don’t ignore them.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

It’s one thing to recognize angel numbers, but what are you supposed to do when you notice them?

There is no black and white answer, but you can start by learning what the hidden meaning of these numbers is.

Popular and Common Angel Numbers

The universe works in mysterious ways, so some angel numbers occur more frequently than others.

This works in our favor because we can see patterns and figure out what direction they’re pointing us in.

000 – New Beginnings

000 angel number

Think of this angel number as a clean slate.

Sequences of 0s mark the beginning of a new journey in your life, so keep your eyes open for fresh opportunities!

Zero is an interesting message to receive, because you may make of it what you will.

Since it’s a blank canvas, you’re at liberty to become whatever you like.

If you’re looking for a sign to reinvent yourself, start over, or rebuild, this is it!

111 – Manifestation

111 angel number

Make a wish if you’re seeing 1s everywhere!

Seriously. One is the number of manifestations, so this number sequence says to go after what you want.

It’s also a message of support — that your higher power, guides, and mentors have your back.

If 1s persist in your environment, you best get to work. Plant your seeds, lay your foundations, and get set up.

Success is bound to come your way.

222 – Balance

222 angel number

Repeating 2s symbolize balance. Think of scales, equality, and evenness. 

If this is the angel number you’re receiving, it’s a great time to be in the present — to meditate, center yourself, and relax.

Two also speaks of communication, cooperation, and togetherness.

Consider reaching out to your partner, mentor, or kindred spirit guide for input and support.

Angel number 222 may mean that something in your life requires realignment as well.

Perhaps you should step back and analyze what needs reorganizing.

Learn more about the meaning of angel number 222

333 – Mediation

333 angel number

In an uncanny turn of events, 333 has 3 different interpretations, so you’ll have to inflect and determine which one fits your current situation.

Firstly, many believe 333 signifies a crossroads. If you’re feeling torn, or if you’re hesitating, the universe is pushing you to pick a side.

Secondly, 3 is often interpreted as the harmony between mind, body, and soul.

Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so you may need some me-time. The last thing you want is to burn out.

Finally, 3 symbolizes intervention. You may need to step up — in your own affairs or to help others. 

Intervention applies to expression and contributions too. If you’re looking for recognition, now would be the time to show what you’re made of.

Learn more about the meaning of angel number 333

444 – Security

444 angel number

One of the more popular angel numbers, if you’re seeing 4 everywhere, I have some good news for you: you’re on the right path.

Four means stability, and it shows that a solid foundation has been laid.

More importantly, if you’ve grounded yourself or made preparations, it’s a green light from the universe.

Go ahead with your plans. Your roots are firmly planted in the soil, and from them, a prosperous tree will grow.

555 – Change

555 angel number

Change is coming, but don’t panic — change is often for the better. Repeating 5s is a sign of transformation,  be it by your own will, or divine intervention.

When you receive this angel number, you may be thrown a curveball or two, but trust that it’s meant to be.

Toxic influences may be removed, to make room for greener pastures.

Come what may, don’t fight or question it. Five is a magical number that represents completion, perfection, and harmony.

666 – Accountability

666 angel number

Triple six is controversial in religious contexts, but angel numbers disregard its associations with evil.

Repeating 6s speak of the self and imply that you need to inflect. Some interpret it as a need for accountability and responsibility.

If things aren’t going the way you’d like, pinpoint the role you’ve been played in them.

Don’t be a backseat driver — take charge and lead yourself to where you want to be.

777 – Luck

777 angel number

Humans have always considered 7 to be a lucky number, and it’s the go-to in everything from personal improvement, to music, to how we designed our weeks.

So what does it mean if it presents itself to you as an angel number?

Exactly what you think it means: that good fortune is imminent. You’ve hit the spiritual jackpot and things are looking up!

If you see repeating 7s, lookout for good news. You could get a windfall, a job promotion, or develop a new cool relationship. 

Seven isn’t simply a lucky number, it’s the lucky number.

If you’re blessed enough to see it as an angel number, know that amazing things are coming your way

Don’t forget to say thank you!

888 – Influence

888 angel number

This angel number may be the most wondrous of all. In numerology, 8 is recognized as infinity — as everything after the beginning.

Now, if your angel number is 888, it could mean many things, and only you can determine what resonates.

That said, this powerful angel number hints at cross-dimensional influence and divine inspiration.

Your loved ones who have crossed over could send 888 as a sign they’re still here and with you every step of the way.

888 is often our higher selves speaking to us, so trust your intuition.

999 – Cutting Ties

999 angel number

Just as 0 signifies the beginning, 9 signifies the end of a cycle.

If you’re tuned in to this frequency, it’s a message that you should let go of what doesn’t serve you.

999 tells us that the time has come. If you’ve contemplated starting a new venture, switching careers, or pursuing a change, this is your sign that you should go for it.

9 is the number of spiritual enlightenment, or, at the very least, escalation. Listen to yourself. You’ll know exactly what to do.

Less Common Angel Numbers 

Repeating digits aren’t the only angel numbers worth paying attention to.

Look out for the following, so your guidance isn’t overlooked.

  • 1212: This number sequence implies that you should bring about your own change. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, stuck in a job, or letting your talents go to waste, now is the time to do something about it. Set boundaries, and align your circumstance with your perspective.

  • 1313: Don’t worry, this angel number isn’t a harbinger of doom. 13 symbolizes transformation, so if you see it, prepare for change. It may be as serious as moving house, or as small as a new haircut. The change itself is inevitable, but how you handle it is fully within your control.

  • 1414: Alternating 1s and 4s address self-control. You might need to slow down and take care of yourself or stop holding yourself back. You’ll have to inflect and see what needs work in your life.

  • 72: If you’re seeing 72 everywhere you turn, strong karmic forces are at play. Turn to your higher self, or lean on — and listen to — the deities you serve. You may experience some miracles. Take note of what you learn about yourself.

  • 911: 911 does not have the best connotations thanks to its association with emergencies, but it’s a  wholesome angel number. 911 represents leadership. If you have a message, share it. If you have the power to help, you must. 

  • 11, 22, and 33: These are referred to as the Master Numbers. In Numerology, a master number stands out from the basic numbers as they present a special vibration.

A Tip for Interpreting Angel Numbers

Remember that angel number sequences are tailor-made, and what they mean to you isn’t what they’ll mean to others.

Much like the tarot, the key is to know that they’ll only show you so much — it’s up to you to fill in the blanks.

So, even though 777 is a lucky number, it’s up to you how you’ll apply it.

Maybe it’s a sign to buy a lottery ticket, or, maybe you should stop being chicken and take a chance asking that special someone out. 

Who knows what your angel numbers will bring?

The point is, you’re in full control — and that’s what makes angel numbers so much fun.

How Do I Get Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers appear of their own volition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t call them into your life.

If you’re eager to hear what your messengers have to say, there are several ways you can open yourself up to feedback. 

Try the following:

  • Practice mindfulness: Angel numbers can appear anywhere at any time, but if you’re not tuned in to your surroundings, you might miss them. Don’t assume that because the message is meant for you it will fall into your lap. It doesn’t always work that way.
  • Meditate: You know how you need good reception to connect to calls or the internet? The same applies to you and the Universe. If you don’t have any bars, messages won’t come through. Connect with yourself and see if any numbers appear for you.
  • Pray: If you’re religious, you can open a channel of communication any time you like. Speak to your deity and ask them to show you the way. They’ll oblige, as they always do.
  • Ask: Sometimes all it takes is a simple request. If you ask the universe to send you a sign, it will. Assert your need for guidance, and you may find the road becomes clear.

If you call angel numbers into your life, be sure not to force them.

The objective is not to see what you want to see — it’s to see what’s meant for you. 

When the Universe Speaks, Listen!

Humans have a reputation for being inattentive, so if you’re noticing a repeating number everywhere you look, don’t ignore it.

They’re angel numbers — divine messages for you to decode, from your guardian angel, the celestial beings who guide and protect people on earth.

Angel numbers give us insight into the aspects of our lives we typically overlook.

They’re the universe’s way of pushing us in the right direction, and showing us the bigger picture.

Sometimes angel numbers persist, other times they’re fleeting and in the moment, but one thing remains consistent.

The knowledge you seek is hiding in plain sight. You just need to open your eyes.





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